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watering plants in garden at preschool

Gardening With Children

Gardening is a fun, healthy, and engaging activity for children. They are able to develop new skills, language, responsibility, and healthy habits.

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young girl learning to sew at preschool

Sewing and Learning

At the ART Studio, we recently set off on a fun flag-making art project that not only allowed our students to express themselves artistically but also taught them valuable lessons about flags and sewing.

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child playing on structure at preschool

Play- Based Learning

Carmel Mountain Preschool has a very eclectic approach in our learning philosophy. A major component for CMP is play. While on the surface play based learning may not sound like

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san diego wildflowers

The CMP Native California Garden

Our school’s native California garden is a special place that celebrates the beauty of our local ecosystem. It helps us connect with nature and learn about the importance of native plants.

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boys with giant butterfly art project front

Giant Butterfly Art Project

In the art studio our young artists created wearable butterfly wings using cardboard cutouts and embellished them with a burst of colors, glitter glue, and elements found in our

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boy painting wood with bright colors

Anywhere Artist

The concept of “Anywhere Artist” revolves around the idea that art can be created anywhere, using nature as both a muse and a canvas.

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