Conscious Discipline

Managing children’s behavior is more than just using the right consequences. Children must feel safe and connected before they can listen and learn. Conscious Discipline provides the skills needed to respond to conflict in a way that helps children move from the resistant, lower centers of their brain to the more cooperative, higher centers. When we can self-regulate and be conscious about our body-brain states, we can then teach children to do the same. By doing this, we help children who are physically aggressive (survival state) or verbally aggressive (emotional state) become more integrated to they can use problem-solving skills (executive state). There is so much to learn about Conscious Discipline. Please read more about Conscious Discipline here: Conscious Discipline Methodology | Conscious Discipline

Teacher Testimonials:

“I like how Conscious Discipline has helped to solidify our classroom as a School Family. Room 11 loves to sing School Family each morning, give special greetings to each other and wish our friends well when they are not at school.”

– Miss Melissa


“This is one of my favorite quotes from Conscious Discipline: ‘Your state regulates their state. You are your child’s inner voice.’ Conscious Discipline has taught me the power of breathing. I’ve learned to pause and breath and make sure I am in the right mindset to best connect with my kids.”

– Miss Yukie


“Conscious discipline has made a huge difference in my life! It has not only helped me as a teacher it transformed the way I parent my own child! I learned to see behavior as communication and that conflict and upset are opportunities to teach new skills. I embrace these moments now!”

– Miss Jessica

Jessica T