The Vestibular System

boy on tricycle at preschool

The Vestibular System is located in the inner ear and is responsible for how the body moves, helps you figure out where you are in space, and provides a foundation for all other sensory systems such as touch, vision, and sound. It impacts posture, motor coordination, speech,
balance, and movement.

When the Vestibular System is not working properly, it is called Vestibular Dysfunction. A few signs of vestibular dysfunction in children are: head tilting to the side, easily upset in movement or uneven surfaces, frequently falling, poor spatial awareness, and vertigo.

young girl on swing at preschool

A few exercises you may do to strengthen the vestibular system are: rocking in a rocking chair, riding a bike or scooter, somersault, scooter boards, balance boards, trampolines, and swinging.

boy on trampoline at preschool

At Carmel Mountain Preschool, our teachers routinely sign up for an Occupational Therapist to observe in the classroom. Our OT works with each staff member to brainstorm the best ways to support students. If OT and the teacher believe a child needs more support, they will reach out to the family with their observations and suggestions.

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