Learning Through Bubbles

There is more to bubbles than meets the eye. Around CMP you will see bubbles floating through the air at any given time during the day. But did you know there is more happening than just fun?

Learning Through Bubbles

Through bubble play, children will learn about science, language, and develop social, emotional, and motor skills.

When making the bubbles first pour in water. Then have the children dip their bubble wands in and try to blow. Ask them what happened. The answer will be nothing. Then have them watch you add in the soap and allow them to mix the solution with their wands. Now ask them again to
blow in their wands and see what happens, bubbles! This is a simple science experiment for
toddlers. They will learn that mixing soap and water will make a solution (bubbles).

young girl blowing bubbles

While playing with bubbles children will also express feelings through their facial expressions, sounds, and body language. They will interact with one another taking turns blowing bubbles and chasing the bubbles. Children will work to use their mouth and lungs to create the bubbles.

During bubble play you can ask questions of observation such as: Where did the bubbles go? Are the bubbles big or small? Will the bubbles float or fall? What happens when we add soap?

For additional fun:
Add watercolor paint to your bubble solution and allow children to blow bubbles onto watercolor paper to create a beautiful masterpiece!

school aged girl blowing bubbles

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