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Carmel Mountain Preschool is an amazing place to work. We are a privately family-owned and operated school with a long-standing excellent reputation within the community. Carmel Mountain Preschool is located in the prestigious Poway Unified School District. Our staff is motivated and passionate about children and teaching, supportive of one another, and lots of fun. Carmel Mountain Preschool tends to harbor lifelong friendships within the close-knit staff.

Staff Testimonial: The minute I toured CMP, I knew I had to work here. I have been at CMP for 7 years or so and I love my job. The curriculum allows teachers flexibility and room for natural, teachable moments. I love how art is such a big part of our curriculum, along with science and nature. Each teacher is passionate about teaching. CMP has become my family not only because of the staff, but the community. Working for a family-owned business is better because it makes your job more personable. I can’t wait for my daughter to start school here.
– Calee Black

Carmel Mountain Preschool has a Resource Room filled with books, music, posters, art, unit-based toys, and science items. We also have a die-cut machine and laminator. We have a very generous availability of supplies for art, science, cooking and themes. Teachers are provided with curriculum as a blueprint but encouraged to personalize their classrooms, lesson plans and activities. All classrooms are provided with iPads and a class email to communicate with parents and to research classroom ideas.

Staff Testimonial: I love working at CMP because I happily drive to work every day looking forward to seeing everyone and being here. I love that we have the “Mifflin” program materials to use to ensure we are properly teaching the CA state standards. I love that we also get to teach with our own “style” and that we get one week each month to plan all the fun holiday/seasonal projects that the children love. I love how the staff are all professional and pleasant to be around. I love the small ratio – so that we really get to know the children as individuals. This is the best preschool I have ever worked for and that makes all the difference!
– Nicole Miller

We have in-house substitute teachers giving the directors the ability to grant time off when needed for the staff and a very generous Paid Time Off Policy for qualified employees. Carmel Mountain Preschool has a very aggressive Profit Sharing Plan. Carmel Mountain Preschool also offers very discounted childcare to the dependents of CMP staff.

Our director has many years experience in her current position and has previously been in a preschool role, giving her empathy and the ability to relate well to staff and classroom experiences. Our Administrative Staff and Owners pride themselves on communicating well with staff and providing plenty of support and appreciation. Lastly, our staff is a lot of fun – we love to laugh and find humor in all we do at CMP!

Staff Testimonial: As a fourth year teacher, it has been such a joy to work at CMP for this past year and a half. My favorite part of CMP is being able to know ALL the students in the school, not just the ones in my own classroom. Although the campus appears big, the school itself has a small-knit community so that everyone knows everyone’s names. We are very lucky to have such supportive and encouraging families here, who have their children’s well-being as their number one priority. We have the best kids here – There has not been a day at CMP where I have not laughed!
– Kelly O-Donnell

We have some great benefits:

  • Community Environment – strong friendships with co-workers
  • 401k & Profit Sharing Plan
  • Generous Paid Time off Policy & Paid Holidays for Qualifying Staff
  • Access to lots of high-quality classroom supplies & staff education
  • Performance based bonus program
  • 50% Health Insurance Paid
  • Teacher Discount for Child Care
  • In-House Substitutes to help facilitate Time Off to Staff
  • Support and Appreciation from Administration, Owners & Staff
  • Well-stocked School – access to lots of high quality supplies for art, science and cooking
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Two-Year-Old Preschool Teacher

Preschool Substitute Teacher

Preschool Support Staff

Toddler Preschool Teacher

Preschool Teacher