Outdoor Learning Decks

The Outdoor Learning Decks offer a breath of fresh air for the children throughout the day. They are located throughout Carmel Mountain Preschool and have a beautiful view of the vast grounds. The decks were designed to allow the children to experience new activities and learn a variety of subjects while being in the open air.

The decks are very spacious and allow the children to learn by exploring and socializing with their class around them. It is a very refreshing environment that helps the students focus and engage with various activities such as arts and crafts, literature exercises, reading short stories and dancing to upbeat music. We encourage the students to socialize and discuss the activities with their classmates to strengthen communication skills and explore ideas. Students can also enjoy their lunch time out on the decks after their activities.

The decks include picnic tables that are great for all projects. Some also include building blocks and supplies for arts and crafts. The decks are surrounded by lush green trees, creating an inviting atmosphere. The children learn to connect with nature and realize all the positivity that comes from their natural surroundings. Since the decks are nicely enclosed, it allows the children to be creative during their activities while still feeling safe and comfortable.

The children love taking a trip to the decks and engaging with their fellow classmates in an open environment. Most of them say “it’s like taking a field trip to a new and exciting location!” Come see for yourself and take a peek at the relaxing deck areas!