Chalk Adventure

Today in the Art Studio, we went on a chalk adventure! 

We learned what happens when water meets chalk, and turning chalk into dust to create art on wood and stone. Let’s dive into the fun we had and why exploring chalk in all its forms!

Mixing Colors

We got our hands dirty blending chalk colors. Mixing red and blue to make purple, yellow and blue for green… The kids loved watching colors transform right in front of their eyes!

Water and Chalk

Ever seen chalk’s reaction to water? It’s like a little science experiment! When water meets chalk, colors swirl, creating this cool watercolor effect. We talked about why chalk behaves this way, and the kids were super curious exploring it. The children decorated the Glenn walkway by filling cups of water and using paint brushes and chalk sticks to mix and apply to the pavement.

Chalk Dust

Guess what happens when you play around with chalk? Dust happens! The kids had a blast crushing chalk sticks with mallets and smudging chalk dust on wood and stone, turning them into canvases.

What we learn along the way–

  • Sensory Fun: Feeling different textures and identifying new colors
    Letting Creativity Run Wild: No right or wrong rules here!
    Science in Action: Watching how chalk changes when water gets involved. I loved watching it spark curiosity about materials and reactions.

Ready for Home Chalk Adventures? Here’s How!

  • Grab Some Chalk: Get a bunch of chalk in all colors and a spray bottle for water. Oh, and find some wood or stone surfaces.
    Let the Fun Begin: Encourage your little ones to experiment. Mix colors, spray water on chalk, and turn it into dust. It’s all about exploring!
    Show Off Their Masterpieces: Display their chalky creations proudly. Trust me, it’ll boost their confidence sky-high!

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