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san diego wildflowers

The CMP Native California Garden

Our school’s native California garden is a special place that celebrates the beauty of our local ecosystem. It helps us connect with nature and learn about the importance of native plants.

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girl running outdoors at preschool

Fun Activities to do Outdoors

Read these fun activities that would be great to enjoy during the summer time while the weather is nice! Your child will love to explore nature during these games, while still learning through the process.

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flowers going in book for pressing

Pressing Flowers

Want to preserve the beauty of spring and summer flowers, practice your child’s fine motor skills, and have some fun craft possibilities?

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worm in childs hand

DIY-In Ground Worm Bin

With all the extra time spent at home, might as well spend it improving your garden soil, decreasing your waste, and giving your kids some fun new pets right?

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Girl helping with plants at daycare center

Chores in the Nature Lab

These past weeks in the Nature Lab we’ve been busy working in the garden and caring for the animals. We are developing routines where the children will become competent in many of the tasks that are regularly required to keep our garden and animals happy and healthy.

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children creating a bird nest at child care center

Bird Nest Project

We learned about different birds and what their names are by reading “Feathers for lunch” by Lois Ehlert.We talked about what a bird may use to build a nest and where some birds choose to build their homes.

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Toddlers playing with the robots on a picnic table at our daycare

What to do with a Hex Bug Robot

The children are having too much fun with Hex bug robots. To begin the lesson, we took the little Hex bug apart. We examined the tiny battery and the motor. The older children at CMP will be making a real robot with a battery pack and a larger motor soon.

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girl watering plant at our childcare center

Children Learning Through Nature

Here at Carmel Mountain Preschool, we support and encourage children’s interest of the natural world by engaging them in real, hands-on investigations and learning activities both indoors and outdoors.

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Child painting with her toes at our preschool

Tinkering and Process Art and How do they work together.

This week we started a fun unit using found objects and paint. We began to sort and classify the rubber bands and had fun attaching our feet and hands together. I shared with them my idea: “I have an idea” and demonstrated a fun ‘process art’ activity’ that you will see in the pictures to follow.

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