Long Term CMP Family of Educators

Carmel Mountain Preschool is known for having the highest quality and most loving staff members that have a passion for child development. In 2019, Carmel Mountain Preschool was at a 19% turnover, while the average preschool turnover was over 48%. In 2020, Carmel Mountain Preschool was at a 21% turnover rate which is unheard of during a pandemic – many preschools laid off their entire staff. CMP values our staff and it shows.

Carmel Mountain Preschool believes in having a solid foundation of teachers that allows the preschool to thrive as a family. Our preschool family is something we cherish, and the staff incorporates these loving values into the daily activities and curriculum. The CMP staff is filled with qualified and caring teachers who create a supportive and loving learning environment for your child. We are excited to welcome you to the family!

staff photo at child care center