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Word of mouth has been the driver of our success for over 30 years. Here are some of the great things people have said about us:

Wilder has been attending CMP since he was 20 months old. He falls in love with his teachers each time he moves up into a new classroom and talks about all he has learned every day. It’s so wonderful to watch him grow and CMP has definitely helped him become the strong minded and kind 3 year old he is today.

— Bethany and Matthew
Wilder (3 years old) & Charlotte (4 years old)

Enrolling our daughter into Carmel Mountain Preschool was probably one of the best decisions we’ve made for her. It has only been 4 months since she joined, but we have observed a big change in the way she communicates at home and outside with others. She has definitely become more interactive and loves talking about her activities at school when we are heading back home in the evening. Stuti enjoys everything from the classroom activities, nature lab, tinkering area, big blocks and the activities in the soccer field. The entire staff and her teachers have been really awesome! The daily updates provided by her teachers on her progress is really appreciated.

— Margi and Hari
Stuti (2 years old)

Carmel mountain preschool is one of the best preschools in San Diego. My daughter has been going to this school for more than one year and she loves all the teachers in the school . Teachers are so caring and lovable. She likes the extra curricular activities such as tinkering lab, painting and gardening. In addition to extra curricular activities they also teach well. She learns new stuff everyday and her communication has improved a lot. Sometimes I am amazed to hear the words that she uses to construct her sentence. This school has turned my daughter into a happy kid. Their summer camp is so much fun and kids love to go to school during their summer holidays. My daughter loves the perk club organized by coach Jeff. They also have yoga ,ballet and hip hop dance class. They do celebrate almost most of the festivals that are celebrated around the world. So the kids get to learn about other cultures around this world. The parents are happy if their kids are happy at school. We are very happy that we chose Carmel mountain preschool for our daughter.

— Shobana & Rajeswaran
Riddhi (5 years old)

I’ve had two of my daughters at Carmel Mountain Preschool, one still currently attends and another who attended pre-K and kindergarten. CMP is truly a magical place. I routinely would hear exciting stories of what they did that day, from playing in the Glenn to doing tinkering lab to visiting baby chicks. We love that more than half of their day is spent outside – and what better way to take advantage of the lovely weather here in San Diego!

Our girls began attending just after the start of the pandemic, which was an anxiety-inducing time for everyone, particularly parents. But CMP has been exemplary in promoting and enforcing strict safety protocols, including limiting guardian access to the campus, assiduously sanitizing classrooms and toys, and ensuring children are appropriately masked. Their attention to hygiene and safety contributes to an overall feeling of comfort while the kids are at school. One thing that amazed me during the pandemic was the ability of the staff to immediately recognize parents coming to pick their kids up at the gate, in spite of the fact that we were all wearing masks!

CMP has been a wonderful place for our children to learn, make friends, and learn how to learn. CMP makes it clear that your kids should go in clothes that can get dirty, and there’s a certain satisfaction when you pick your child up and they’re happy and covered in dirt! We’ve loved our time at CMP and were lucky enough to be present when they added a kindergarten class.

— Anne & Galen
Quinn (4 years old), Lyra (6 years old graduate)

This is our 5th year at CMP and we couldn’t be happier for being part of this amazing school! This is truly a place where kids can be kids: they will play in puddles when it’s raining (while using appropriate gear – rain boots and jackets), they will play in the mud kitchen, they will have so much fun! The outdoor activities are our favorites: Nature Lab, Chicken Coop, outdoor decks, Tinkering, Art Studio and Music Garden. The age-dedicated playgrounds (toddler/2’s, 3’s and Pre-K/Kind Prep) are a plus since it allows kids to have more outdoor playtime.

The teachers are also the star of the school: engaging, fun, nurturing, and committed. They apply principles of Conscious Discipline and also share lots of insights with the parents.

Can’t imagine a better place for young kids to play and learn!

— Marina & Guilherme
Lucas (4 years old)

We have been sending our son to Carmel Mountain Preschool for 3 years now and the progress in development we see in our son is just a joy. He learns so much new stuff and words that it sometime raises an eyebrow, a very positive one, such as where did you get that word from, unexpected but very perfect and accurate description.
The learning is tremendous and the development of social skills, day-to-day skills is very noticeable and will be a lifelong benefit. Carmel Mountain Preschool is a true treasure for anyone that will be lucky enough to get a spot. The amount of different and diverse learning your child can get from CMP, you cannot find anywhere else. You cannot find any place where you have these outdoor possibilities as well as facilities for learning and play.
You see the progress your child is making in social behavior and knowledge, all by having fun with great staff teaching and taking care of your child. The different activities such as the tinkering, art studio, nature lab, additional activities is creating a very fun learning environment with the great staff taking care of the kids that will stay with them forever.
I say it again, you will not find anything close to what Carmel Mountain Preschool offers and it will have a huge impact to your kid/kids and yourself with the learnings and activities offered by CMP. And yes, there is a cost associated with the attendance to these facilities, but it is a good investment into your child’s future.
Take a few hours to visit the place during open house to make your own opinion, I’m sure it will be all positive.

— Bengt-Erik & Gui
Henry (4 years old)

Our daughter has been going to Carmel Mountain Preschool since December 2020. She was having some difficulties due to Covid. After the stay-home policy, she became scared of everybody, including other kids. We have seen her expand her development by doing fun stuff, improving her relationship with her classmates and teacher. We like the outdoor space and the time she spent there, how fun of a time they have in the Art Studio crafting, and of course, The Glenn. We couldn’t ask for better teachers. Ms. Maddi, Mrs. Cassandra, and Ms. Emma have cared for our little one, making her feel safe and comfortable.

— Mirian & Rene
Greta (3 years old)

Our son has been at CMP since he was two and is now three and a half and loving it. We are two full time working parents with demanding jobs and knowing that our son is learning so much from taking turns, to tracing his name, to routines and respecting and loving his friends gives us great comfort since he spends 5 full days a week there.  The staff and teachers are amazing not only with the children but also with supporting the parents in transitioning to a preschool environment.  We have seen such positive growth in our son from his amazing communication skills, consciousness of others feelings and general respect for others.  He, and we, also love the diversity of programs CMP offers from the art studio to tinkering and the glen.  We recommend CMP to any family looking for excellent care and growth of their precious littles.

— Angela & Scott
Connor (3 years old) Ethan (6 months)

Our son Wesley has been a student at CMP since summer 2018 and he absolutely LOVES it! He was previously at a chain daycare center and what a difference it is between there and CMP! He was picking up bad habits such as not sharing, hitting, and throwing tantrums which was so not like him. He would come home upset and not tell us why. That was our main reason for seeking something different. We had heard amazing things about CMP so we were thrilled when we got Wesley into their summer session. Within a few short weeks at CMP our son was thriving! Learning manners, coming home happy, never crying at drop off, and he actually asks to stay longer at school even after he is there 8 hours per day! He constantly talks about his adventures at school, his friends, and his teachers. We could not recommend CMP more highly!

— Joe & Tanya Weaver

We are just 4 months into our first year at CMP and could not be happier with the results. Our son started a day after he turned 18 months old and it has been a joy to watch him grow with the education he’s receiving from CMP. The teachers, specifically his classroom with Miss Kat and Mrs. Marcy, along with everyone else in the school who assists in classes they may not be their own, deserve an enormous amount of credit and gratitude. The proof is in the pudding, and our child is happy, learning, and excited to get out of the car in the morning. We were referred to CMP by close friends but after one visit we knew it was hands down the best option for us and our son. We intend on doing whatever necessary to ensure our next child also attends CMP.

— The Wallace Family

We are proud to say that our 3-year-old is part of the CMP family. We are two full time working moms who never worry about our child when we drop her off at school. Most days when I arrive to pick our daughter, she gives a hug and then asks, “Can I play for 1 more minute?” She adores her friends, teachers and the play areas which are specific to each age group.
It is obvious how much love and support every teacher and staff member show our child. I am constantly amazed how every single person who works at the school knows my child’s name and her personality.
CMP has so much to offer from tinker lab, the Glen, art studio, hip hop class, gymnastics, you name it. The teachers know how to make every day fun and enjoyable. The teachers put a backdrop by the front door for every season and holiday which is amazing for pictures. They also have chalk figurines during holidays that the kids lay next to for pictures. The kids love it and find it hilarious. I love how the school encourages learning and independence while allowing kids to be kids! Tinker has taught my daughter to trust herself and take initiative to build and fix things. The school often has Zoovargo visit where the kids can pet zoo animals and learn about their life and development.
There is so much to love about CMP, but the most important to me is that I feel like the teachers treat my child as they would their own. They pour their hearts and souls into these children. The joy she feels and the love she feels from them shines on her face every day. We are so grateful our daughter is a CMP kid.

— The Wacker Family

A co-worker recommended Carmel Mountain Preschool for our son, they took their sons to the same preschool 20 years ago! We feel so fortunate that our son has joined the CMP family! He is the most well-adjusted, happy, and social little boy. He loves his preschool teachers and talks about them when he gets home.
Our son is excited every morning about going to school, every day there is something new: mud day, tinker hollow, art class, hip hop, yoga or nature lab.
We would recommend this school to anyone looking for quality care for their child.

— Blanca & Ignacio

We have been a Carmel Mountain Preschool family for 15 years now! When our oldest needed a place for daycare as a toddler, we explored the local options but nothing compared to CMP. His experience was wonderful. His development skyrocketed. His teachers potty trained him! He was given the best foundation possible to enter elementary school and that foundation has successfully carried him through to his now Junior year in high school. When his little sisters came along, we knew we wanted the same experience for them. We were pleasantly surprised to find that CMP has only improved with time and continues to improve in every way they can. As a parent, the most important thing beyond facilities is knowing that our child is in good, capable, caring hands and we have felt that with every teacher our children have been fortunate to have at CMP. It is apparent their staff is well taken care of, trained in positive discipline, which matches our family values, and happy to work there. The facilities are clean, beautiful and ever-improving. Whenever I post a photo of my kids at preschool, my friends ask “where is that magical place?” It truly is. Thank you, CMP for taking some of the guilt out of leaving our kids to go to work. ❤️ Even if I didn’t need the childcare for work, I would still want my children to have their lives enhanced in this nurturing, stimulating environment to foster their imaginations and social skills and offer them adventures/experiences that I can’t. The knowledge and skills they have learned at Carmel Mountain Preschool are invaluable. Our youngest daughter is now enjoying all CMP has to offer via the Glenn, Art Studio, Outdoor Classroom, Music Garden, Tinker Hollow, Yoga classes, family activities and organic snacks and we will miss CMP when she graduates!

— The Thurston Family

“My 2 year old, has been attending Carmel Mt. Preschool since the fall and we absolutely love it! She is always learning and bringing home really nice art projects. Her social skills have dramatically improved and she is making friends! We love our teachers Mrs. Kathleen and Ms. Whitney, they are so great with the kids! I would recommend anyone looking for a great preschool that focuses on healthy learning, positive discipline, in a clean, fun environment to check out this school. We waited on a waitlist for almost a year and it was totally worth it!!”

— Thomas

Growing up in the area and having attended Carmel Mountain Preschool as a child, I was so excited to come and explore it as an option for our boys. I was blown away as a parent looking at the amazing place it had grown into. Carmel Mountain Preschool has everything we could have asked for and more. We are consistently pleased by the amazing learning opportunities and unmatched facilities. The boys love going to tinkering, learning in the glen and creating art in the studio. We love that they have the opportunity grow and have fun in an environment that is nurturing and so well rounded. The owners, teachers and staff are all wonderful people. Their passion for children and education is easy to see and translates into every part of this school. We are always amazed that all of the teachers seem to know every student’s name. Our boys love going to school each day and we know that they are in great hands. We are so glad our kids are a part of this school and are proud to be part of the CMP family!

— The Stimpson Family

We are delighted with our experience thus far in Carmel Mountain Preschool. Our 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son currently attend Carmel Mountain Preschool. Both my children joined Carmel Mountain Preschool when they turned 18 months old.We surveyed several pre-schools in this area after the birth of my daughter. CMP is the only school which is built on a vast area and has multiple playgrounds suitable for each age group, has a separate area called nature science lab, tinkering, and musical garden. There is a lot for children to explore, learn and have fun. The classrooms are spacious and have an excellent student-teacher ratio. We instantly fell in love with this school.My children sing songs from the school and are very enthusiastic about reading books and learning. We have seen our daughter gradually transition from being shy to more social and confident. My children love their school and enjoy going. To look at my children appreciate their school makes us happy and helps us go to work worry-free. The staff and teachers are friendly, kind and approachable. We were stunned by how all staff and teachers remember the names of my children and greet them every day by their name. We highly recommend Carmel Mountain Preschool.

— Anjana and Sriram

Logan started CMP in August of 2017 after nearly 2 years at a small in-home daycare. We decided to enroll Logan in hopes that his speech and socialization skills would improve. I remember attending the open house and meeting Ms. Angie and Ms. Sammi for the first time, so nervous about the transition and wondering whether they were going to love him and care for him the way a mommy would want their child to be loved and cared for. Week by week, I noticed such positive changes within Logan; His confidence, social interaction with the other kids, his speech, and also how much he started to take to his teachers! Ms. Angie and Ms. Sammi were always so warm and kind, greeting him every morning when he got to school, which made the drop-offs so much easier! As a parent, I was also so appreciative of all the email and 1×1 communications regarding Logan’s progress and the many things he learned at school that week. My husband and I could not be happier with all the positive changes we’ve seen in our son, and more than a year later, I can safely say that enrolling him in Carmel Mountain Preschool was one of the best decisions that my husband and I have made for Logan’s future!

— The Scaglione Family

We have been a part of the CMP family for over 8 years, with all three of our children have attended since they were each 2 years old. Every parent feels a little bit of guilt when they drop their child off at daycare or preschool. Carmel Mountain Preschool is that place where you head off for your day knowing that your child will be happy, safe and loved. Our two older children entered elementary school well educated and over prepared. They look back on their preschool days fondly. Our youngest child enters her CMP classroom each and every day, giggling and running into her teacher’s arms. Carmel Mountain Preschool is that place you feel great to bring your child to. It’s that place where everyone knows your name.

— The Prasad Family

Three years and two kids later, we feel lucky to have found Carmel Mountain Preschool. As parents, we were looking for a safe, warm environment where our kiddos can grow, be happy, and be loved-and boy did we find it! CMP continues to exceed our expectations and is a place our boys look forward to going. They have both grown and developed so much with the help of their extraordinary teachers. They are engaged in well thought out lessons that enrich their education and develop their minds and bodies.

The opportunities CMP provides is another aspect that makes them an exceptional preschool. Both boys love tinkering, the Glen, the Art Studio, and their teachers. We have enjoyed watching CMP’s staff and facilities grow and change. It has been so evident that they have our kiddos best interest at heart and strive to create the best preschool a kid (and their parents) can ask for. The relationships formed in the past 3 years have left a lasting impression on our family forever. Thank you, CMP! We are so appreciative of everything you have done for our boys.

— The Mueller Family

We are so happy with Carmel Mountain Preschool. It’s unlike other preschools we’ve experienced. They have created an indoor/outdoor learning environment where the kids can explore, learn and play. It’s a wonderful place where you wish you could be a kid again and spend your days painting in the art studio or building toys at tinker hollow or getting your hands dirty in the Glenn and learning about nature in the science lab. Our daughter loves her teacher who has created a loving and encouraging classroom. At the end of the day when we pick her up, she tells us all about the great things she got to build, create and experience that day. We couldn’t be happier seeing our daughter thrive at CMP.

— Brooke & David Memmott

As a self-proclaimed helicopter mom who worries way too much my apprehension was quickly put at ease after my son started attending Carmel Mountain Preschool. I researched several schools in the area and after tours, checking reviews, and personal interactions, I felt like something was lacking each and every time. That is, until I visited Carmel Mountain Preschool. The diverse programs, child development education provided to the staff and parents and the creative and attentive atmosphere are unmatched. The teachers and administrators make each child a priority and make an individualized effort to tend to each child’s needs. From a simple greet in the morning to ensuring constant feedback on your child’s progress, this school really has it all covered. They send photos throughout the week that help you feel included in the most important days of your child’s early development. The school offers extra-curricular programs and special events for the children and families throughout the year. My only regret was not enrolling my son sooner. I’m grateful to the families that recommended Carmel Mountain Preschool to us and I will gladly make the recommendation to others.

— Betzy LaDieu

My family is one of the original Carmel Mountain Preschool families 35 years ago. While the school has grown and expanded it has never lost the feel of being like extended family. My sister and I both attended and now my son Keaton is a second-generation enrollee.

CMP makes sure that the transition is comfortable for the parents as well as the child.
The entire staff is skilled at comforting parents while gracefully guiding them in letting go and allowing the child to become independent.

It is not just daycare. Carmel Mountain Preschool focuses on each child’s physical, social, emotional and academic development. They provide exposure to art, music, tinkering activities that develop fine motor skills and plenty of physical outdoor fun playtime.

My son has absolutely fallen in love with every one of his teachers! They truly love and take care of him as if he were one of their own. It is a relief to go to work with my mind at ease knowing that my son is being well taken care of.

— Lisa Rosenthal

We love Carmel Mountain Preschool! This is the second year our daughter has been at CMP and she is thriving in the 3s program. During dinner, Gracie is exited to share what she did in the classroom that day like building bridges with her friends, carving pumpkins and cooking treats. It has been so great to see her grow and interact with her classmates and teacher. Our son also just started the 2s program this year. Connor is loving all the outdoor play time and is always eager to show us the latest art project when we pick him up. His teachers have done an amazing job at developing his speech skills and potty training him – we are so thankful for their help and patience!
Both our children enjoy all the outdoor activities that CMP offers – especially the Nature Lab. They are lucky to have the opportunity to get close to animals and learn about them. Bacon, the snake, is a popular topic at home! They also can’t get enough of the chickens!! The Chicken Coop at CMP is amazing and we love the opportunities we get to collect eggs over the weekend as a family.
All the teachers and staff that we have met at CMP have been nothing but kind, friendly and welcoming to us, and this also extends to the other families we have met at CMP. CMP has truly become part of our family and we are so happy we made the choice to send our children here.

— The Gagel’s

We are so thankful to have found Carmel Mountain Preschool! Our son Max started when he was 2.5 years old and we were uncertain how many days a week he should attend. It was his first time being away from home. In no time he was asking, “ Do I get to go to school tomorrow?” We quickly enrolled him for 5 days a week and not a day has gone by that he hasn’t come home with a smile on his face and a fun story to share. There are so many wonderful teachers, all of whom know Max by name and treat him so kindly. Max has made terrific friendships with other kids through CMP and we are so thankful for the social circle it has given us. We love the classroom curriculum as well as the extra activities CMP provides. Max loves creating messy art in the art studio, building in the tinker hollow, and learning about nature in the beautiful Glenn.

Max just turned 5 years old and his growth over the past two and a half years has been exponential. We owe a great deal of that to CMP and all of the wonderful people who have had such a tremendous impact on his development. Thank you!

— Mark, Jill and Max Fisher

Carmel Mountain Preschool consistently shows care, serenity, and kindness in everything they do. It truly has become our children’s home away from home.
The center provides the staff with up to date training and is vigilant in maintaining a safe and clean learning environment. We believe our children have grown intellectually and socially because of their dedication. Teachers often contact us reaffirming that our kids are happy and safe either with phone calls or photos through email. Communication has always been open, thoughtful, and helpful.
We highly recommend the center to your growing family.

— Christina & Avery Frey

Since the day that our family toured Carmel Mountain Preschool (CMP) to now more than 3 years later, the school’s offerings have continued to impress us and we continue to gather lasting positive memories of our time spent there. My son who has since moved on to elementary school still recalls fondly his time at CMP and wishes on some days that he could still be a student there. My youngest son, who started in their 18-month-old program and is soon off to kindergarten next year, has been treated like one of their own since he started with us noticing that this type of treatment is the norm for all the kids at CMP. For both of them, my husband and I are so happy in the choice we made in picking CMP to help us build their foundation for a lifetime love of learning and character building. The owners, teachers and staff are really committed to creating and continuously improving upon a positive experience for the children and their families. It’s evident in everything that they do. From the in-class programs to the extracurricular activities to their facilities and grounds, they all express the extreme thought and care that went into developing an ever-evolving environment aimed at stimulating little minds to travel to a world of wonder, fun, learning and possibilities. It has a family feel without losing the professional structure needed to keep the school organized and compliant in keeping children safe and healthy. We feel so lucky to have found CMP! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any family as a good choice for their precious children to grow and thrive and to provide peace of mind for parents.

— The Dean Family

CMP has been an amazing place for my daughter, Colette! She started in June at the age of 18 months and I was a nervous wreck. The teachers have been so patient and my daughter has really thrived in the environment. She is so social and verbal and really looks forward to going to school in the mornings. She loves her new friends and teachers and it’s so fun to see her learning and growing.

Her verbal skills have improved as well as her interactions with others. She shares well, is empathetic to her friends and is polite to her teachers. She continues to learn new things every week. She comes home singing songs and telling us about her day.

The school has so many fun events for families to participate in and different ways to get involved. We love the staff and teachers and feel so fortunate that our daughter gets to attend such a caring preschool.

— Jenna Coleman

Our granddaughter, Colette Coleman, has been enrolled at Carmel Mountain Preschool for the past six months. Now two, she has developed skills that show the nurturing environment provided for her at home and at school. As her grandparents, we want to thank you for the ways in which your program has encouraged this development. Colette herself acknowledges that she loves her teachers, Ms. Marcy and Ms. Cat! Using her growing language fluency skills with clarity, she often shares about her day with delight! Your program encourages age-appropriate behavior and activities that we’ve seen Colette model away from school – engaging in creative imaginary play, repeating rhymes and songs, showing increased confidence with gross and fine motor skills, and expressing emotional responses in positive ways for herself and others. We’ve seen the sweet pictures the teachers send home to her parents, encouraging that important home-school connection as a community. We are grateful that our son and daughter-in-law chose your school as the beginning educational program for our granddaughter.

— William and Donna Coleman

We started CMP when our eldest son, Soham was 3 years old. At his old school, he was quite shy and would always come home irritated and not smiling. When we moved him over to CMP we noticed quite a significant change after being in Ms. Maddie’s class. His teacher told us that he was quite talkative and had made friends and was always willing to participate in all the activities. When we would go to pick him up, he was smiling and happy. The full credit honestly goes to the loving and caring environment that CMP facilitates. Not only did they help us in understanding what our child was going through, but they would take the extra time to help him adjust to school. All this came, not just from his immediate teacher, but from all the teachers, and immediate support staff at CMP.
Our younger one is also now at CMP, and all the teachers know both my boys- Soham and Tejas. They both are soo excited to go to school and meet their friends and learn.
This summer our family went through a stressful period and everyone at CMP was more than willing to help out and work with us. This provided such a relief for us as parents and also a sense of security for our boys. They never skipped a beat.
This isn’t just a school but its a community of people who help parents raise their children with good moral character, education and happiness all around. We couldn’t be happier and its by far the best decision we have made as parents. Our boys will def be sad to leave their “home away from home.”

— The Chawla Family

CMP not only stands for Carmel Mountain Preschool

But also for Children’s Magnificent Progress: Emotional maturity.

As the hands-on “Omi” (grandma) of Ashley & Natalie, 4 ½ year old twins,

I witness the excitement with which they eagerly go to their classrooms in the mornings (should I admit run?) and return home with happy faces. Honestly, I can’t imagine a more all-encompassing preschool curriculum anywhere.

At CMP, in a loving environment with dedicated and experienced teachers, the kids explore their world amidst the inviting garden, learning aboutplants and many creatures. At the quaint “Art Studio”, their creativity is encouraged using colors and plant materials. At the “Tinkering Workshop”boys and girls apply their manual skills to build a bird house or a simple airplane with hammers and goggles.

The list of attractions goes on: Leading to the large playgrounds, various outdoors xylophones are ready to be examined. On the large grass area above, the kids get familiar with the lives of hens who boast their own hen house. The kids get to hand feed them and at times can observe how chicks emerge from eggs. A wonderful fact: Lots of outdoors time is emphasized.

Besides this wonderful world around them, the teachers instill the joy of learning in their students early on. The teaching is always engaging, be it letters, numbers, science projects, songs or helping to make applesauce or pizza. What might be even more important for our kids is being taught how to be aware of their emotions, good or bad, and how to handle these emotions. I am so glad how this life skill is addressed daily in the way their teachers communicate with the class.

THANK YOU for being Ashley’s & Natalie’s family away from home.

— Brigitte D.

“He’s only 2?” is a question we hear a lot. And the answer is yes, thanks to the extra sets of hands at Carmel Mountain Preschool. CMP provides a multitude of occasions to allow Leo to be the sponge that a child naturally is.

Leo’s teachers plan a specific program designed to give him opportunities for learning daily. Not only is he already learning the ABCs and 123s but also his verbal skills have skyrocketed since he started at the age of 18 months. It’s evident the school also encourages development with manners and politeness; self-help skills, social skills, and more. He greets his friends and teachers when he enters and exits the school. He excitedly talks about what he does at school. He goes to Messy Art – which contentedly lives up to its name, eats homegrown lettuce from The Glenn, bangs drums in the Musical Garden, and runs outside and plays toys with his friends. It’s fun to listen to him sings songs that he has learned from the classroom and the stories and books that are read have spilled into our book collection at home. Since attending CMP, Leo has developed attentiveness to stories. Our child comes home happy!

The staff at CMP is not babysitting him when we go to work, they are teaching him. They all deserve to be recognized! There’s a family climate at CMP that comes from the top and spreads throughout. I can tell that our son feels a part of that family! They have the gift of making each child feel like they’re the stand out every day, every time, as they do with Leo. CMP makes kids and parents feel safe and comfortable and warm.

Carmel Mountain Preschool contributes a rainbow of exposures for our 2-year-old son!

— Chris and Jackie Tiffany

We love CMP! Our twin boys (enrolled since December of 2014) have really thrived at CMP. They have learned so much and they are so happy there; they love getting to play, learn, explore, and interact with their classmates, peers, and teachers. We are so excited about all the cool things they learn at school through the units that their teacher so conscientiously plans (recent units include one on community helpers and one called Nature’s Giants). At dinnertime, the boys like to tell us stories about how they spent their day at preschool. We hear a lot about The Glenn, where they get to explore nature and interact with different plants and animals. We love how the science curriculum is built into their sessions at The Glenn so seamlessly, and how the kids get to learn about the natural world around them through hands-on activities. We also hear a lot from our boys about their time in the Messy Art studio, where they get to create their own masterpieces using unique materials and techniques. They regularly bring home really cool art projects from there, including a recent one where they used clay and found materials (sticks, leaves, rocks, wood chips) to create their own island.

We also love the special events that CMP hosts for families and guests/members of the community: our favorite event is the Parent Appreciation Hullabaloo Concert, where our kids always have a blast dancing to the music and having snacks on our picnic blanket. We also enjoy the Dr. Bronner’s SnowFoam days, where kids get to play in the “snow,” which is really organic foamy soap (and lots of it!). We really feel that CMP goes above and beyond to create an amazing learning environment for our children, and that is very important to us. But we also appreciate that CMP cares about our whole family and takes the time to create special events for us to attend as a family. We are so looking forward to enrolling our young daughter at CMP in August of 2017. She comes with me to CMP almost every time I drop off the boys and pick them up, and we can tell that each time, she wishes she could stay and be a student there! 🙂

Our family loves CMP and we feel that CMP is truly a part of our family. Part of the reason why we feel this way is that CMP just feels like a family-oriented environment, like a really big family. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, whether it’s to new families or families who have been at CMP for years. We really like that CMP is family-owned and operated and has been since its inception – this feeling of unity really is evident on a daily basis.

We couldn’t be happier to send our kids to such a warm, loving, safe, clean, community-involved preschool. We would recommend CMP wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a wonderful preschool.

— Sarah & Neal Pemble

We have been a part of the CMP family since 2010.
Family owners Pauline and Dan have built a wonderful, safe and caring preschool, dedicated to learning through fun and exploration.
Their daughter Arianne with her amazing staff and teachers provide a loving and nurturing environment for your child to thrive in and learn at their own pace.
We really could not have imagined a better place for our children to have begun their schooling in Rancho Penasquitos.
Every day is a new adventure at CMP.
From gardening at the Glenn to caring for the school creatures, each day is filled with wonder and excitement, and at the same time, learning about the world they live in.
The kids get to play and learn around nature and then transform that learning into artwork at the outside Art Studio. My youngest loves centers time and everyone enjoys a good dance party at school. The Music Garden is a beautiful addition to an already pretty amazing school grounds.
CMP is a green school, with natural cleaners, solar panels and organic snacks for the kids.
Both of our kids have emerged from CMP confident in themselves, and ready to take on elementary school. They have made friends for life at CMP.
We are sad to be graduating CMP this year, but will always hold a special place in our hearts for all the teachers and staff who have been a very big part of our lives.

— Jennifer & Troy Mouritzen

I love CMP because they let me play and have fun.  The teachers are nice and I get to see all my friends.  They have yummy snacks and teach me about healthy food.  My favorite thing about CMP is that I get to learn about animals.

— Jayve Desai

It’s not just a pre-school, it’s a place for kids to learn how to think outside the box.
We are now in our 5th year at Carmel Mountain Pre-School and each year has gotten better and better. As two full-time working parents, the staff at CMP goes above and beyond to make it such a joy to drop off our kids every single day.
They offer so many opportunities for the kids at such a young age that by the time they get to Kindergarten they are very prepared. In our five years at CMP, one thing I can say is that they work hard to better not only their staff, their kids but also their facilities to provide the kids the most enjoyable yet educational environment possible.
From a personal standpoint, the school has been tremendous in making sure both our children are put in the environment that best fit their needs. The staff is very loving and caring where our goodbyes were left with smiles from both our boys and us. The Directors are always in communication with you as parents and address any feedback you have in a timely manner, which is very hard to find in any school. They truly care about their CMP Family!
Our pre-school experience at CMP could not have been any better. The school is full of love, laughs and embraces a true passion for bettering children. We feel lucky to be part of the CMP Family!

— Neesha and Amar Desai

The boy’s grandmother had an infant daycare near Carmel Mountain Preschool for many years. Over the years she would send all the babies to Carmel Mountain Preschool as it had an amazing reputation and a family feel. When my first son was 1.5 years old I signed him up at Carmel Mountain Preschool, best decision we ever made. Even though there are numerous preschools near us, they do not compare to what Carmel Mountain Preschool provides on many levels. We are so excited that our youngest is now old enough to start.

The teachers are all very warm, friendly, loving, kind and helpful. My son’s favorite day of the week is when he gets to go to the Glen, they learn all about nature and animals, the best part is, it is very hands on. My son also loves messy art, the kids get to explore their artsy side and I love seeing the masterpiece!

It is so comforting to know that the children are in a fun and safe environment. The school has lots of extracurricular activities which includes music night, yoga and parent training courses. I will continue to highly recommend Carmel Mountain Preschool to anyone that I know, we are SO happy there.

— Danielle

Our family was fortunate in that we were able to have a parent at home for our son Luke’s first two years. When it was time for both of us to go back to work, we were not prepared for the challenge of finding a quality pre-school for our son. We visited quite a few schools before finding ourselves at Carmel Mountain Pre-School and were very impressed right from the start. The staff was very welcoming and informative while we toured the school. My wife and I noticed almost immediately how active and engaged the children were compared to other schools we had toured. We enrolled our son shortly after our visit and could not be happier.
We have been with Carmel Mountain Pre-School for six months and have been amazed at the growth we have seen in our little guy! His teachers are the best! Love, patience, and encouragement abound in the classroom. The Art Studio and The Glenn are just a few of our favorite things offered at the school. The Art Studio is an amazing outdoor creative space for the kids. Professional artists on staff lead interactive activities with the kids. Messy art day is a family favorite and we all look forward to Luke showing off his artwork at the end of the day! The Glenn is an outdoor garden space where the kids get to learn all about nature with hands-on play.
The entire staff at Carmel Mountain Pre-School has welcomed us as family. Looking back on our decision to enroll our son here has been one of the best choices we have made for him so far!

— Jen & Matt Byers

The first thing I love about Carmel Mountain Preschool (CMP) is how much they genuinely care about the children under their roof.  For the entire staff, it isn’t just a job, it is a vocation, they are devoted to every family that walks through their doors.  All CMP team members uphold their mission every day – “We provide a loving, supportive, and educational environment that promotes a lifelong love of learning” One of the things that they do best is providing so many diverse experiences to our 2-year-old daughter and the other children. The Glenn is a unique part of the CMP facility, I don’t think you will find this or even the Art Studio and Nature Lab at any other daycare in the county. Our daughter’s class gets to have interactive time in the Nature Lab and in the Art Lab, they get to be outside, the children have a blast here, experimenting with their environment, and I love how the teachers capture these special moments and send the parents pictures on a regular basis. CMP is a pillar of our community.  As a single working mummy, I would be lost without this school – they are my village. Thank you, CMP!

— Michelle Begley

We couldn’t be happier with our recent choice of Carmel Mountain Preschool! Our son Dez has only been attending for two months but the progress he has had in that time is amazing. We were so eager to get Dez to CMP as soon as he was 18 months old because of his love for play and learning. He was quickly outgrowing his nanny share and we knew CMP would be the best fit for him. The school was like nothing else we had toured and I had a great reference from a friend. We finally had our first day in June but to our surprise, Dez didn’t have as smooth of a transition as we thought he would. The outgoing, not scared of anything boy we knew was so nervous. Immediately his teachers as well as Ms. Donna and Ms. Arianne comforted Dez and also supported Mom and Dad. Sure enough, come July he was running through the door, saying hi to everyone he saw and couldn’t stop talking about Ms. Liz and Ms. Marcy seven days a week. As a parent, nothing is better than picking up my dirty, sweaty, happy boy at the end of the day because that means he got to do what he loves most all day…play and learn! We are constantly surprised by the new activities going on at the school, the upgrades to the grounds and just how fun it is for the whole family. This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see who he becomes the next three years while being shaped by the loving staff and his new friends at CMP!

— Brian, Ash, Syd, and Dez McCarthy

About six months ago my son, Cruz, was getting ready to transition to preschool. We had been waiting for an opening at another preschool when our daycare contract was canceled and we needed to find a place for him to go. I had been driving by CMP quite often for a couple years and always got a good feeling when driving by. I made an appointment to tour the facility and meet Ms. Gina. I immediately loved the place. I walked into the smell of fresh banana muffins baking and a warm smile and greeting from Ms. Gina. She took me on a tour of the school and I was enjoying it so much I wanted to enroll myself! Could I send Cruz to work and send myself to preschool? Ok back to reality! Cruz was accepted into the summer program at CMP and started his experience in June 2016. His teachers were Ms. May and Ms. Jenna. He LOVED his teachers and all of his friends. He didn’t take any time to adjust to preschool and immediately jumped in head first to the whole experience. Now he is in Ms. Kara and Ms. Mallory’s class. He loves them just as much and is friends with all the kids in his class. The growth we have seen in Cruz is tremendous and we love everyone at CMP. We have our 15-month-old daughter, Ayla, on the wait list and hope she can start at CMP in the summer. She is going to love it at CMP. A big thank you to all of the staff at CMP for giving our son love, attention, education, structure and FUN!!! He is thriving and we are so happy that we found CMP before enrolling Cruz in another preschool. It was certainly meant to be!!!

— William Yee and Lisa Murphy

I was pretty much a stay at home mom for the first two years of my daughter’s life. We would have fun and be together but I noticed that although she was learning all kinds of things with me she wasn’t getting as much interaction with other people. Months later I ended up getting a full-time job and we decided to enroll our daughter in Carmel Mtn preschool. It was a struggle at first to leave my kid with strangers but the teachers made it really easy to trust them. At first, It was really hard for our daughter to adjust being away from family. She would have separation anxiety and she would cry every time we would leave her. Our daughter would not participate because she was so shy. When talking to the teachers, they were so concerned and they seemed to make it a priority to help her feel more comfortable. I was so touched and so impressed by the staff. They asked about her dislikes and likes and they made every effort to get to know her. One particular teacher volunteered to watch her favorite show just so they could have something to talk about. Now our daughter comes home telling us about her day, singing songs she’s learned and telling us about the people she’s met. Carmel Mtn preschool is so great. Our daughter now looks forward to going to school. They have helped her grow and learn valuable lessons that  I know she will take with her in life.

— The Vuong Family

Thank you, Carmel Mountain Preschool for taking great care of our boys! They are so excited to go to school every morning and the teachers are always warm and welcoming. It is such a positive place to be and we couldn’t be happier with all that you have to offer.

We toured many different programs in the area when we were looking for the right place for our son and nothing was feeling quite right – until we walked in your front door. We appreciate all the upgrades, solar panels, Glenn, Art Studio, and huge playgrounds. We love that the kids spend so much time outside and that they are encouraged to be creative and curious. The teachers and staff are incredibly friendly and caring. I have peace of mind when I drop them off each morning.

I am proud to be a parent of a CMP kid and am always bragging about your facility and staff to friends and family. Our boys have learned so much since starting your programs and we can’t thank you enough for welcoming them into your CMP family.

— The Vining Family

We love CMP! Our daughter has auditory processing sensitivities and we were very careful about finding the right preschool for her. This is our second year and we couldn’t be happier! If we could keep her there for her entire education we would! 😉 We were initially drawn by the friendly, caring staff and the unique opportunities to learn at The Glenn, The Studio (and at that time, Mr. Joe and his animals!) And when we found out that CMP uses natural cleaners and offers organic food, we couldn’t have been more excited! We continue to be impressed. The staff goes above and beyond and has been really understanding of our family’s/ daughter’s needs. The extra-curricular activities offered are great, from the field trips to the extra classes to the family events! The improvements to the school over the last year focusing more on nature and nature-play are loved by these 2 zookeeper parents!  Thank you, CMP!

— The Schwartz Family

This Fall our Granddaughter began her second year at Carmel Mountain Preschool.  Every morning she is full of enthusiasm and ready to head out the door for school.  As grandparents who are not local, we don’t get to see this excitement every day, but when we are in town we are so very impressed with how she has mastered her letters, letter sounds, and numbers.  We spend time watching and listening to her new found delight in her ability to read and write.

We are absolutely positive this comes from the incredible learning environment that is in place at CMP.  During our visits to the school, we have seen how busy the children are, interacting with one another whether they are outside releasing energy or inside working quietly at their tables.  You can see their joy when learning a new letter or a set of numbers or maybe a new shape.  We have also found that CMP isn’t just school all the time.  There are many after school planned activities plus many events for getting the whole family involved with their preschool child.  And some days are spent on fun-filled field trips visiting places the children are always curious about.

This is not an ordinary preschool. This is a 1st class, well organized, very clean environment with an exceptional staff.  We wish to thank everyone who is responsible for making CMP our family’s preschool of choice.

— Mike and Evelyn Schwartz

CMP has been an amazing experience for my daughter. Both my sister and I attended CMP and we are convinced it was instrumental in our own academic success, so when it came time to enroll my daughter I could think of no better place. The staff is warm and friendly and every day I’m surprised at the knowledge and social skills my daughter develops. She loves the staff and genuinely looks forward to school every day. I highly recommend CMP to any parent looking to set their child up for future success.

— Jim Scherer

This is our second year at Carmel Mountain Preschool and we are still loving it.  Our son is just turning four and loves going to preschool, which speaks volumes.  I am impressed with CMP for a number of reasons.  First, they really care about your child as an individual and there is a genuine feeling of family throughout the school.  They call me or email me regularly to update me on the progress of my child, or just events that are happening at the school.  In fact, Arianne, the CFO, just called me the other day to give me a recipe for an essential oil mix in which I had expressed interest.  The teachers are INCREDIBLE.  Our son’s teachers are Miss Triana and Mrs. Chrystal and they seem to have never-ending patience, enthusiasm, and love for my son.  There is nothing better than to see your child hug his teacher and say, “I love you” at the end of the day as it confirms he is in the right place!  Plus, the educational experiences are top-notch!  In the past few months they have had an African drumming performance, a Hullaballoo band performance, a field trip to the pumpkin patch, an interactive book performance (the kids acted out the scenes in a book as a play), and a SNOW FOAM DAY where they played in snow made of Dr. Bronner’s soap, and more.  


This school embodies what I call “Whole Child Learning.”  They have an incredible core curriculum that explores all the areas of traditional learning where they experience reading, math and rad science experiments, but they also incorporate music into lessons, visit the art studio regularly, practice fitness every week, and learn about social skills daily.  There is an amazing art studio, a nature lab, and a garden called “The Glenn.”  Additionally, CMP cares about the health of your child and feeds my son wholesome organic snacks.  They seem to be constantly thinking of how to incorporate new ideas, better educational products, and fun experiences into every day.  You just can’t go wrong with this preschool!


I feel 100% confident that CMP is establishing a love of learning within my child, which is linked to future success in school and later in life.  As a parent, I’m so grateful and can say that this school is part of our family now and always will be because of the foundation it has set for our son.

— Allison and Noel Schaeffer

I cannot say enough good things about Carmel Mountain Preschool. Everything about this school has exceeded my expectations. The teachers are so loving and provide a positive and safe environment for my daughter to thrive in. The front office staff truly cares not only about my daughter, but our family as a whole and they have helped us tremendously. My daughter is so happy when she comes home from school and has a huge smile on her face each morning when she asks hopefully, “is today a school day?”. Thank you, CMP for being such a special and loving place for my daughter to spend her days!

— The Patterson Family

Today I asked my 2-year old son Dalton what his favorite thing about preschool is and he said, “Uuuuuuuummm, I pulled Thomas’s hair.”  Because he was clearly referring to an incident that happened back in Burbank with a boy named Thomas who had actually pulled his hair, I interpreted that statement thusly:  “Mommy, I love Carmel Mountain Preschool!  No one ever pulls my hair!”  This is the best thumbs-up you’re going to get from a 2-year old.  From us grownups, however, we can express a little less cryptically how much we love CMP.  My husband’s and my first impression:  WOW.

Look how happy everyone is!
Exactly how many playgrounds am I looking at?
Is someone playing a harp??
Why does it smell like Burke Williams? 

Once you get past the obvious beauty of the campus, though, it’s clear that although CMP is big and bustling, it’s a warm and happy place for parents, teachers and kids alike.  We have only been enrolled for two months, and I actually had to check my math there because we already feel so much a part of the family.  Dalton’s teachers are honest, caring, and engaging, always ready to give us the low-down on his daily and overall progress and willing to discuss implementing changes as needed (and at this age, they’re pretty much constant).  The admin staff is accessible and friendly, eager to make sure you’re 100% happy.

Finding Dalton an awesome preschool was Priority #1 when we moved here from Burbank, and we believe that finding CMP has been a huge part of our family’s success in making the transition.  We simply love it.

— The Lawlor Family

Carmel Mountain Preschool has provided an environment where our two-year-old daughter has absolutely thrived. She loves going to preschool each day where she is greeted by her sweet, enthusiastic teachers, Miss Annie and Miss Ellen. They create an environment that fosters a love of learning and they encourage their students to develop independence and social skills. Our daughter enjoys going to CMP’s garden and art studio and the opportunity to spend lots of time playing outdoors. CMP is a really special place and we feel lucky to have found such a wonderful preschool.

— David Memmott and Brooke Matheson

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Carmel Mountain Preschool. For the past 4 months both my daughters have been attending CMP and to say they have enjoyed their time is an understatement. Every morning when I drop them off my oldest daughter runs to her teacher as she yells her name with a big smile on her face. The bond they’ve created in such little time amazes me and it makes me feel so comfortable leaving my child in the hands of such caring staff. My little one has become so independent ever since she joined the 18mo program. Both of my daughters have grown tremendously in every sense of the word in the little time they have shared in CMP. They have thrived in this environment. Their vocabulary has skyrocketed, motor skills have been taken to another level, daily arts and crafts projects have expanded their imagination, and the list goes on. I cannot forget to mention the fact that my oldest daughter is also learning Spanish at this school. One class a week and I see the improvement! CMP is helping me get my children ready for Elementary school and for that I am so thankful to them. The genuine TLC that the staff provides our children with never goes unnoticed. It is very rare to find a preschool that not only offers an outstanding curriculum for each individual age group but that also offers a “home away from home”. CMP takes care of a child’s brain by fueling it with learning activities. They take care of their hearts by providing proper love and attention by simply putting a smile on a child’s face or by offering a hug if they feel down. But also, and very importantly, CMP takes care of a child’s physical health by providing healthy & delicious organic snacks! I couldn’t be happier with the choice my husband and I made by enrolling the most important people in our lives to this amazing school. We cannot thank the staff enough for the nurturing learning environment they are providing our children with. I cannot recommend Carmel Mountain Preschool enough to friends and family. Indeed, my family and I are all very happy with CMP.

— Adriana Aparicio

When our oldest son attended Carmel Mountain Preschool we loved the curriculum and the amazing teachers and staff. He was more than fully prepared to attend elementary school both socially and academically. We knew our youngest deserved the same quality experience and quality of teachers. When our youngest came in mid-year, his teacher, Ms. Heather and the rest of the staff made great efforts to get him in sync with his peers on classroom behavior and learning. This year he has progressed from a minor interest in the alphabet to pointing out letters, telling us their sound, and wanting to learn how to read. Ms. Michele is a Gold Star at CMP and I am so thankful that both of our boys have had the pleasure of knowing her, loving her, and being guided and educated by her. She has been an amazing source of guidance and inspiration to our family. Some other high points I appreciate about CMP are that they use natural essential oil based cleaners and hand soaps, the snacks are organic, they recycle, they compost, and they utilize solar panels, which parallels how we live at home. This shows us that they care about the welfare of not only our children but also our planet and they are helping us teach our children to respect the Earth. We would not change a thing about our experiences at CMP. We have recommended the school to many families we have met in the community and will continue to do so even when our boys are grown.

— The Henson Family

Carmel Mountain Preschool is a great place to start childhood education. My son who is now 7 attended Carmel Mountain when he was 2.5 years old until kindergarten. Currently, my daughter who is 3 attends the preschool and is loving it! Both of my kids have enjoyed their experience so far and as parents it is a big relief for my husband and I to be able to send our kids to a place we trust, near our home, with friendly, committed staff who treat our kids so well and so many playgrounds, activities to keep the kids busy and entertained through the day! The school is very innovative, they’ve implemented many amazing new programs since my son attended (in 2010). They now have a jungle with lizards and similar creatures for the students to pet and learn about, an art teacher and outdoor art area for kids to explore their creative side and a new mud kitchen for sensory learning and play and even organic snacks. With a strict regimen of naps/snacks/classroom/play life at home is easier because our kids are used to having a healthy routine. Also, they get enough time to play and learn with their peers whether in class or on the playground so their socializing needs are always met. Overall I would not hesitate to recommend this preschool to anyone who is looking to give their kid an early start at success!!

— The Ghazialam Family

My daughter Keelan has been attending different pre-schools since she was 18 months old. She never enjoyed going very much and cried when we dropped her off….that is until she started attending Carmel Mountain Pre-school this summer.  She wakes up every morning excited to go to school and doesn’t want to come home.  She loves Ms. Michelle and her classmates and dreads the weekends when she doesn’t have school.  We have seen her flourish both academically and socially the past four months.  Carmel Mountain pre-school is as good as they come…  Staff, curriculum, and the mix of academic vs social is as good as it gets!

— Michael Derr

Some things are just meant to be.

When my husband and I were looking for the right preschool for our son, Graysen, we had scheduled a day full of tours at other schools. It was a long day and we weren’t sure we would have time after our other visits to make the drive to Carmel Mountain. I hadn’t scheduled a tour so I called and was told to just pop by. We all came over, but honestly, I was pretty confident our son would be attending a preschool we toured earlier. So, I thought we were just “covering our bases.”

However, as soon as we had finished walking through the building and playgrounds I had changed my mind about our previous decision and knew our place was at CMP. I could tell immediately that CMP wasn’t just going to be a preschool, but a second family for my son. All of the staff were so genuine and even during our tour, made a connection with my son. The facilities are top-notch and it is truly a place for excellent and safe play and learning.

One of the main goals we have for our child is to be a life-long learner and to be taught skills in such a way that it feels like an organic and natural process. This is accomplished beautifully at CMP. We are more interested at this point in social skills building and simply the process of being curious about the world. To be able to have trained staff helping with that development at CMP is priceless.

Another key in determining our decision to attend CMP was your willingness to be sensitive to our specific type of parenting when it comes to healthy detachment. We worked so hard with our son to build a healthy attachment and at nearly three, it can hard for a little one to leave his mommy during the school day. Graysen’s teachers have been instrumental in helping my son transition gently to his school day.

We love all of the variety of programs and activities that our son gets to experience at CMP. We will forever think of CMP as an extended part of our family and are so grateful our son is in your care!

— Allison Denehy & Noel Schaeffer

My son, Zane, started at CMP as a 3 year old. He is now 8 years old and is still attending the B/A program (before and after school care). While we certainly have other options for day care, we cannot bring ourselves to pull him out of CMP. It is a loving, fun and disciplined environment where he has thrived. There is nothing in this world more important to us than our children and we trust CMP wholeheartedly with Zane’s care. My favorite moment from CMP actually happened in Italy. We took a family vacation there when Zane was in kindergarten. The year prior, he had been in the Kindergarten Prep class with Ms. Nicole. She did a unit on Renaissance artists, at which time he would tell me about Van Gogh and Monet and even painted his own version of Starry Night. A year later, we were standing in the Uffizi and my 6 year old son started jumping up and down and (almost) yelling, “Look Mommy! That’s by Leonardo DaVinci! I love DaVinci! Is Michelangelo here too?” Not only does CMP offer a safe and loving place for children, but they also feed their hungry minds. We would recommend CMP without hesitation. All of the teachers genuinely care for and about the children. You can tell it is more than just a job to them. We are proud to be a part of the CMP family.

— John & Jackie Reed

We couldn’t be happier with Carmel Mountain Preschool.  The teaching staff and front office staff are so engaged in my child’s learning and happiness.  They constantly endeavor to find new ways to improve the school experience, whether it is adding solar panels, transitioning to organic snacks, or introducing mini summer camps.  My daughter loved her Cooking Camp- offered for 2 hours a day during the summer days for a week.  She just told me, months later, that she made pesto with Ms. Michelle and loves it and could I please make it at home.  A five year old asking for pesto?  I call that a win!

— Jill Townsend

As a mom with a very “spirited kid” I cannot tell you what a blessing this school has been for us.

As a working mom I often feel guilty about having to work so much, but it gives me comfort knowing that my son is in extremely capable hands! Brody wakes up excited for school in the morning and often makes me finish the story they are reading before we can leave school in the evenings.

My son has had several different teachers and I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible they all have been. Miss Haley & Miss Brittany were his first teachers and truly made preschool an exciting experience for the both of us. They worked with Brody and really helped him learn in an exciting and fun environment. Miss Triana & Miss May have also been incredible! I love their excitement and passion for teaching, you can tell that they love what they do, and absolutely enjoy working with kids. It shows in the way they teach and interact with all the little ones.

On top of this, I love all the extras that the school does to enrich their program. It is so fun to have extra programs like the farm animals visiting to the sport camps that come to the school (for a small additional fee).

I also love the extra details like adding the diffusers into all the rooms and running essential oils to keep the air quality better, adding in as many organic snacks and promoting natural soaps. I love that the school feels like a home. It is so clean and inviting I cannot express how absolutely grateful I am to have my son attend!!!

Thank you for all you do Carmel Mountain Preschool!!!! We are so lucky to have you guys.

— Jane Fajjardo

Carmel Mountain Preschool has provided a top-notch, well-rounded social and academic learning environment for our three children. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and loving. The facilities are impeccable and continue to be updated and improved upon. The learning opportunities allow children to develop confidence and an enthusiasm for learning. Even after moving ten miles away, we still drive our youngest to CMP every day so she can have the same stellar preschool experience that her brothers had. We couldn’t be happier!

— Adrienne Asdal

It is as close to “preschool heaven” as one can get. We had another grandson who went there and graduated from the most wonderful Kindergarten I have ever seen.  Our older grandson is now in second grade in public school and is head and shoulders above many others in his class.  I give most credit to Carmel Mountain Preschool for his wisdom and ability to do so well in school.  This being said he does have wonderful parents who are nothing less than amazing —but very wise to pick such a great preschool so their kids have an edge, so to speak!


The teachers they hire are so giving and wise and loving and just AMAZING for sure! The director of this preschool has the experience and wisdom to hire just the right teachers and staff. I will always be grateful for this wonderful preschool and its staff for making life not only fun for my grandkids but also giving them the tools to start succeeding in life.  It shows that the early years are so important.  Thank you from the bottom of “Amma’s” heart.

— Joanna Ferlan

The flexibility, convenience and personal touch that our girls received from CMP’s BA program was truly exceptional.  Under CMP’s care, the girls thrived during the school year.  CMP took the stress out of our weekly schedule, which enabled us to spend quality time together as a family.

— Catherine & Rob Hastings

Carmel Mountain Preschool is a place that is near and dear to my heart. Not only am I the parent of a 4 year old in the Kinder-prep classroom but a former teacher and student at CMP. Carmel Mountain Preschool is a facility that encompasses many contributing factors to the overall growth of children. The classroom curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all children and facilitate independent thinking and generalization of concepts in life and the community. CMP also offers an array of extra-curricular activities such as music, Spanish and the P.E.R.K club. In addition to this, CMP has an amazing agricultural area named “The Glenn,” in which all children are provided a weekly opportunity to engage in art activities, become exposed to animals and reptiles in our world, and also partake in growing different vegetables.

The faculty at CMP truly enjoys what they do and you can see it in the way that each individual child is treated and welcomed on a daily basis when they arrive at school. They create a family environment not only amongst their individual classrooms but throughout the facility as well.

All of these things, and many more, is what makes Carmel Mountain Preschool the perfect place for my child to develop and learn socially and academically. I would recommend CMP to any parent looking for a preschool for their child. Many children have come through the doors of CMP over the past 30 plus years and they continue to do so. My daughter wakes up every day looking forward to going to school, and as a parent it is such a joy to know that Carmel Mountain Preschool has provided her with a love of learning and also a place where she can develop friendships and thrive.

— Heather Diaz

Everything we could have dreamt to find in a preschool, we found at CMP – not to mention the hundreds of things we didn’t even know we wanted that came as a bonus! The front office staff and the teachers are truly exceptional human beings with huge hearts and competent abilities, the facilities are also incredible. We are so grateful that when our daughter isn’t with us, she’s in the care of the amazing team at CMP… I couldn’t imagine a better place for her to start her educational journey and build the foundation for a lifelong love of learning!

— Krista Clive-Smith

My son has attended Carmel Mountain Preschool for over 2 years. After a vigorous search of preschools over the span of several months, we knew CMP was the perfect school for our son. Since day one, which started in the toddler class, our son has thrived. Carmel Mountain preschool has nurturing, compassionate teachers that honor and foster the individuality of each child. They encourage learning, creativity, physical activity and are constantly providing an environment that makes the kids feel safe and loved. All the teachers and administration have embraced my son and all his humorous and quirky character traits which have included his love of vacuums. He has vacuumed the CMP lobby EVERDAY since he was 2. Miss Carol and Miss Delores have been kind enough to share their vacuums and it has become a regular part of the routine at CMP. As my son heads to kindergarten this year, I will be forever grateful for the experience we have had and will always continue to support this school. It is simply….THE BEST.

— Amy Foley

As new parents, it was overwhelming searching for the best place for your loved one to spend their days while you’re at the office.  You want a safe, clean, organized, and conducive learning environment that doesn’t cost more than your mortgage.  It was an easy choice when we found CMP.  The incredibly dedicated staff is eager to assist and answer any questions, no matter how small, and they take amazing care of your children.  The outdoor facilities such as the bike track, art grotto, and animal learning area are unmatched.  Even the activities in the classrooms such as the activity trays or circle time are structured around important child development skills.  Private ownership means they care about every student and their family as opposed to a corporate or government run facility where they simply baby sit your child.  Our son has developed excellent cognitive and relationship skills that will prepare him for kindergarten.  We are so pleased with everything CMP has to offer and really enjoy being a part of their family.

— The Wrinn Family

Our daughter has attended Carmel Mountain Preschool (CMP) for the last year and we could not be more pleased.  She recently joined the 3 year old program and within the first two weeks asked me multiple times why I was picking her up early as she wanted to stay and play with her new friends.  Her teachers truly care about her well-being and success.  Our daughter is currently learning all about letters and we are asked questions such as, “Mommy does snake start with S?” or told “Daddy, B is for Brooke” on a daily basis.  It is so fun to see their minds being stretched and their imaginations being sparked.  We are very grateful that our daughter and our family has been able to be a part of the CMP family.

— Emlyn Mingrone

My daughter started the new school year in the 3-yr old program a couple months ago, and I can already see huge strides in her educational development. I was shocked when she came home on Day 5 having traced her name with the help of her new teacher, Miss Claudia! I’m very impressed with the “Splash into Pre-K” curriculum used and very much enjoy seeing my daughter tie together the different themes learned in class to everyday experiences.

CMP has been the best decision our family has made since relocating a year ago to San Diego. The staff and teachers Brooke has had during her time there have been nothing short of extraordinary. We feel blessed we found CMP when we did and that Brooke gets to spend her days in such an educational, fun and innovative environment!

— Holly Dupuis

I cannot recommend Carmel Mountain Preschool enough. I have sung their praises since the first moment our oldest daughter stepped into their doors at just two years old. As new parents, we were apprehensive and scared to leave our little one. I am so grateful she was in such loving and capable hands, and it made the goodbye each morning that much easier knowing she was getting not only the love and attention she needed, but she was learning & exploring so much more than we could have ever imagined!

Now three years later, our two year old son has the privilege of sharing each weekday with CMP. Their caring staff has welcomed us each and every day with a hello and a smile. Their teachers go above and beyond for each child in and out of the classroom. I am still taken aback each time the kids and I walk through the hallways and countless teachers say hello to the kids by name even though they never had them in their classroom. We also can’t express how much we adore Miss Ellen in the toddler room. She is a gem of a teacher and we count ourselves so lucky to be in her classroom. She truly is amazing with the kids and our son adores her. She has a heart of gold as well as an abundance of patience. She is so creative and I am truly amazed at how many hands on activities she does with the little ones. I love all the art work that we get to take home and the pictures that gives us a glimpse into the kids’ day. I can’t thank CMP enough for caring for our children as if they were their own. Thank you CMP for all you do every day!!! Thanks again for everything,

— Sharon Russell

My son has been attending Carmel Mountain Preschool for 4 years.  He started in the preschool program and continued to stay in their afterschool and summer camp program.  Carmel Mountain is a wonderful place to send your children because they truly care about them.    I feel comfortable knowing that he is in safe and caring environment.   My son has some special needs and they have done a great supporting his educational and emotional challenges.  They are also a God send because they have a very comprehensive schedule and always cover the days that the public schools are off, which for 2 working parents is a must.  They have become like a second family to my son and us.  Thank you to CMP for everything.

— Inessa Baumgartner

I have 3 little girls at CMP who are all very different. What I really appreciate is the way that they meet the individual needs of each one. They’ve given some extra time at Kindergarten drop-off in their B/A program: which allowed a tired 2 year-old to sleep a little extra on an especially tough day for her, it also allowed our twins to give each other quick cuddles sometimes once we split them into separate classes. These little extras are what make CMP my children’s second home and a place where they feel happy and loved. They actually ask for their teachers on the weekends when they get hurt!

— Heather Hall

Knowing that education, health & safety are priority at CMP were top factors in sending our daughter there, but seeing how much the teachers & staff care about the children made it a no-brainer! I love that she gets to garden, play outside, and get messy making art on top of having organic snacks. We love CMP.

— Katrina Betts

I am writing this letter to rave about my children’s experience at your school. It is the least I could do to help more people know how amazing you school, program, and teachers are! First and foremost, I leave my twin four year olds at your school with absolutely no apprehension, on a daily basis, and have since the very first day they began attending. This is what initially drew me to your school and got me hooked. The first time I had entered the front door, the warm, compassionate greeting and feeling I got from it all, left such a huge impression. I haven’t come across a group of teachers with such an immense strength, love and devotion for what they do and who they help. It’s amazingly comfortable to drop off my kids and know that they are being care for so well. No matter how busy the front desk staff are during your assumingly crazy mornings, I have not once walked by and not received a single smile or verbal greeting. My kids knew everyone’s names from day one because of this as well. That example is a perfect testament to all of the other lessons my kids have learned at CMP. I have seen first hand the proof that every individual staff member there uses all the opportunities they can to teach any student. No one is on the sidelines at CMP – they present themselves like a family and are definitely working together as one all of the time. The teachers that my girls had this year (Melanie and Nicole) have a great ratio of academics to play during each school day, to attend to each of the students’ ability levels. I feel that both of my twins are completely ready to tackle Kindergarten in the fall and might actually be ahead in some areas because of the hard, but fun work they do in class. I love seeing how proud they are to have accomplished an assignment and love it even more knowing that they are proud because their teacher encouraged them along the way and taught them why they should feel that way. Thank you for keeping my kids safe, nurtured, eager, and facilitating their learning this year! We love CMP and think there’s no better childcare facility for our kids. We will miss you all.

— The Spark Family

Our family has been at CMP since 2009 with our 3 children. Over the years, we have gotten to know the teachers, staff, and owners and have had so many wonderful experiences that it is tough to pick just one out to share. The environment is warm and nurturing and the facilities are ideal as the children grow and develop. The curriculum offers a perfect blend of education and fun – exercising both the mind and body. Our two boys, now both in elementary school, were very well prepared for school and are excelling, due in no small part to efforts of the team at CMP. Perhaps the best testimonial we can give is that our boys are eager to come along for our youngest daughter’s pick-ups and drop-offs, so that they don’t miss the chance to visit with friends and teachers. We have and would absolutely continue to recommend CMP to friends and family!

— The Hannaman Family

Our family couldn’t have been happier with everything we received from CMP for our daughter and son. Both kids had never attended preschool before they came to CMP, and from the very first day they felt comfortable (as did we as parents!) The teachers had the perfect combination of being nurturing and supportive, yet pushing the kids to explore new things, to go outside their comfort zones, and to increase their self-sufficiency and confidence. The materials in the classroom and playgrounds are all first-rate, and The Glenn (outdoor garden) is such a wonderful way to teach kids about nature and was definitely a favorite of both kids. Last but certainly not least, the staff in the office is always kind and helpful. We are so grateful to CMP for giving our kids such a wonderful start to their educations.

— The Dopson Family

My son Frankie started at Carmel Mountain Preschool when he was 18 months old.  I was so nervous to leave him all day.  The thoughts that ran through my mind were, is he going to nap?  Will he eat his lunch?  What if he cries when I drop him off?  I was a wreck.  Well, much to my surprise, he loved it from the first day that he met his very first teacher, Miss Ellen.  On his second day, he was napping for 2 hours and never cried when I dropped him off.  Since then, he has learned so much.  His language skills have sky-rocketed, he learned to say please and thank you and even started singing the alphabet.  The toddler program at CMP is amazing.  The teachers are so nurturing, loving and really care about each child in the classroom.  I am so happy that I started Frankie at 18 months, now he is in the 2 year old classroom and LOVES to come to school.  He learns something new each day here at CMP.

— Julie Goldstein

We love CMP. Our oldest son started in the 2 year old program over 6 years ago and we followed suit with our younger son. Both boys still attend CMP, now as part of their terrific before-and-after-school care program for elementary school-aged kids. Every teacher we’ve had at CMP has been fantastic, as are the staff. I’m impressed with their ability to continue to recruit and retain high-quality staff. We recommend CMP whenever we get the chance and are always a little sad when we hear from friends whose children are going elsewhere – they have no idea what they’re missing! I know our children are safe, loved, nurtured, and well-educated there. Our kindergartner is now repeating in public school everything Miss Christina already taught him in kinder-prep – he’s so ahead of the game from his time at CMP. And our 2nd grader is a voracious reader, no doubt due to CMP helping to foster a love of reading. CMP gives each of our boys a new book every year for their birthday – how sweet is that?? We could not be happier with the quality of the administration, the teachers, the facilities or the program. We’ll miss CMP when our boys finally age-out. Thankfully, that’s still years away!

— Betsy Stumme

The moment you arrive at Carmel Mountain Preschool, there is an overwhelming sense of HOME. There is a true love for the children that radiates throughout the administration, teachers, and campus. You can tell that the well-being of the child is the priority. There is a magical essence that resides in the landscape and classrooms that any child would love. I have had the pleasure of teaching at Carmel Mountain Preschool as a three year old lead teacher along with launching my passion project there, My Music Workshop, a music enrichment program. As a parent and a teacher myself, I understand what makes a quality place for children to learn, play, and be cared for, and I believe CMP succeeds all expectations.

— Lianna Berlinger (Founder - My Music Workshop)

To The Wonderful Staff at Carmel Mountain Preschool, Thank you for your continuous investment in all the children at CMP. Thank you for knowing them, spending time with them and continually providing your love and support. Thank you for your smiles your hugs, and your kind words. We love You! If our kids can’t be home, I’m glad they are with you at CMP!

— The Reardon Family

My three year old has now attended CMP for 1.5 years! We moved to San Diego from a small community and I was extremely concerned about finding a daycare where he wouldn’t be just a number. At CMP he’s far more than that. Not only is the teaching staff amazing but the office administration when he’s felt sick or we’ve had general questions. We have truly felt like we’re part of the family. We also see CMP active in our local community such as sponsoring a local Westview High school football player, which is so important and speaks volumes. My 3 year old can’t wait to go to school see all his friends and share afterwards how much he’s learned. I have no doubt in how much they’ve contributed to my son’s learning and setting him up for success in the future. We love our CMP Family!

— Todd & Codi Minster

My two boys have been going to CMP for many years. Our eldest son graduated from CMP’s Kindergarten program and now enjoys their before and after school program. My youngest has been with CMP since 18 months old.  We love CMP. The staff are friendly, caring, and passionate and enjoy teaching through reading, music, art, and playtime. My boys love their CMP teachers and staff, and they are truly an extension of our family. Each teacher we have had over the years have formed a special bond with our kids, and they are really helping shape our boys into great students. The school is clean, colorful and comfortable. The addition of Mr. Joe the “bug” guy at the Glen and Mrs. Julie the “messy art” teacher shows CMP knows the best ways for kids to learn through creativity and exploring their surroundings. The CMP staff are the sweetest ladies on the planet, and really make it their job to learn all about your family and your little love ones. We highly recommend CMP, and would rate it hands down, “the best private preschool in the world

— Troy & Jennifer Mouritzen

Our experience at CMP started with our visit to preschools when we were looking for a place to send our eldest daughter. We had visited two other schools but when we walked in to CMP, my wife and I simply looked at each other and said “this is the one”.

Now with one daughter in 2nd grade and our youngest currently at CMP, it is the best decision we have made for their future education. Our kids love learning and love school, and CMP has been crucial in that cultivation of positive feelings they have. Our eldest has excelled in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade to date, which we believe is in no small part to the joy she associated with school from the first day she arrived at CMP.

The staff at CMP has been so welcoming and so engaging with our kids that both of them are convinced they want to be teachers when they grow up and spend many hours “teaching” their stuffed animals. We have yet to experience a bad day at CMP and tell everyone who asks that there is no better place to send your children!

— Walker & Casey Sullivan

My two children attend CMP, one in the toddler program and one in the Pre-K program, so we have some experience in different classrooms. Both my kids love it there. I think the single best thing about the school is the teachers. All of them are absolutely amazing and love the kids. My oldest has attended other preschools, but I just didn’t find the same quality in the teachers. My youngest had some trouble adjusting to going to preschool and her teachers consistently made school a fun and happy place. She now looks forward to going to school and there aren’t any more tears at drop off.

The other thing I love about CMP is all of the fun activities, including a snow day for the kids, a hullabaloo concert, and a holiday program. And that was all just this fall! If you are looking for a school with that stimulates your child’s development, while they have a fun day, then check out CMP. We are so happy we found it!

— The Reilly Family

We have been a part of the CMP family for three years. Our two boys have had such a wonderful experience. I cannot speak highly enough about the staff. The administrative team, the teachers, and the resources they pull in for extracurricular actives have all been top notch. This place is a piece of heaven for any parent looking for a trustworthy and loving place for their children. They care for and love each and every child as if they were their own. They provide programs that enrich the learning experience for our children. They understand the demands of working parents and support us too. I will be so sad the day our last one outgrows the school, CMP will forever have a piece of our family’s heart.

— The Bertrand Family

I was very nervous about sending my daughter to preschool especially at 18 months. I didn’t think she would get much out of it and that it would just be an added expense for the family. It only took a week for me to realize how special CMP was and to see my daughter grow as a person. We have been there for nearly two years now, and I attribute my daughter’s growth to the teachers and programs that CMP provides. I could not be happier with the care, education and most importantly the social interaction my daughter gets at CMP.

— Jimmy & Jenna Langley

Our daughter began attending CMP’s preschool program when she was three years old. She then moved up to their kindergarten prep program. In each program, she thrived. She learned so much so fast it was sometimes hard to keep up. She went to school each day excited to see her teachers and learn from them. She came home each evening excited to share with us the events of her day and what she had learned. When she transitioned to public school for Kindergarten, she was ahead of most of the other students in reading and math. CMP gave her the head start she needed to be successful in public school. Our son has recently entered the preschool program and we cannot wait to see what he achieves in such a wonderfully nurturing environment. CMP was the best investment our family could have made in our children’s education.

— Brie Page

Over a year ago, our daughter, her husband and two sons relocated to San Diego. She diligently researched a preschool for their youngest son, Cooper. Of course, as the grandparents, we were hopeful that she would be able to enroll him in a preschool that was family oriented, provided enrichment/education opportunities and assisted in developing good social interactions and responses. This past summer we came to San Diego with the oldest son to pick up Cooper from Carmel Mountain Preschool. We had accompanied our daughter on previous occasions but this time is was just us. First of all, the staff at Carmel Mountain was very congenial and helpful in directing us to his classroom. The reunion of Cooper and his brother was very touching as they mean the world to us. The staff was very considerate in giving us space and time to have this reunion. Later we accompanied our daughter to the open house for the new school year. We were informed of what he would be learning and doing. He has also had the opportunity for his Dad to accompany him on a field trip. In this day, when both parents have to work, it is a comfort to see a preschool such as Carmel Mountain take pride in their staff, their facilities, and the enrichment opportunities for each child.

— Al & Cindy Christophersen

Words cannot express how pleased we are with the preschool program that our daughters has been privileged to be a part of.  From the day that they began at Carmel Mountain Preschool, the wonderful staff has made learning fun and engaging and has opened up a world of knowledge for our daughters Lauren and Alyssa. Our daughters have gained so much from already being there. My eldest daughter now a 6th grader at Mesa Verde Middle School is a straight “A” student with 4 courses carrying a 100% each.  My wife and I know that both their lives have been enriched from the amazing experiences here and my current preschooler will go forward into Kindergarten and with all the skills she will need to be a successful, well rounded student as well.  The staff at Carmel Mountain Preschool becomes an extension of your family.  The staff constantly provide you with updates and interaction on your child’s progress each and every day and are always attentive to your needs and concerns. You definitely know at Carmel Mountain Preschool how much your children are loved and what it means to provide a higher standard of care, both academically and socially.

— Marty & Lory Dumo

I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that Carmel Mountain Preschool has become like a part of our extended family and I know my daughter enjoys every second being at school. From the beginning the teachers and staff at CMP went out of their way to make my toddler and my entire family feel welcome. My daughter is greeted every day with a hug day without fail and I leave her knowing she is with people that genuinely care for her education and well-being. We love CMP!

— Dustin Gaspard

CMP is such an important part of our family’s life! My oldest daughter attended from age18 months through 4.5 years old and I cried on her last day because it was the end of such a special 3 years.  Luckily, we now have our younger daughter here! Our spunky 2 year old can be pretty spirited- her teachers embrace that spirit and she’s flourished under their care. As a working mother, it’s priceless to feel included in your kids’ weekday lives. We receive so many pictures and fun stories every week from the class!

In my opinion, the things that stand out about CMP vs other daycares and preschools come down to: the staff, the facilities and the curriculum. The front office staff are extremely tenured. They are experienced, available, organized and invested in each family’s well-being. The teachers all have either Bachelor’s degree or a Credential and the thoughtful curriculum is second to none. Our oldest daughter started Kindergarten ahead of many of her peers especially in math and reading. The school grounds are amazing. The classrooms are clean, well-maintained and spacious. The playgrounds are very large with lots of age-appropriate equipment. The thing I love the most on the grounds is “The Glen”, which also houses an art studio and science lab. Children are spending time gardening, learning about insects and animals, and performing experiments. Creative art project time is a favorite for my girls.

We love this school so very much. Its way more than a “daycare” to us- CMP is where my kids have spent some of the happiest times of their lives, and where they’ve gotten a head-start on their education. I will continue to refer any and everyone I know to CMP!

— Carrie Julius

My child has been at CMP for almost 2 years. Miss. Jacque’s class was an awesome experience for Isabella. I loved how the teacher shared with me Isabella’s areas of improvement and how we both talked to Isabella about it and work to overcome it. The continuous encouragement and close attention Miss. Jacque gave to Isabella helped her tremendously. She was very happy and excited every day. Every time I talk to a new mommy at my work I strongly recommend CMP. It’s been a great value added to my family and child’s education. I appreciate the school’s education system and all the kind and warm treatment my daughter gets.

— Ana Barrientos

Our son Masen has attended Carmel Mountain Preschool for the last 1.5 years and our time there has been wonderful! We have been thrilled with the teachers, office staff, curriculum, extra-curricular activities and even the organic snacks. We have always been amazed at the work Masen brings home and know that he is getting a top-notch education in a very caring and loving environment. We look forward to our daughter Maleia going to CMP for the same experience. We couldn’t imagine our kids at any other preschool. We thank you CMP for all you do for us parents and our children.

— Erin & Damon LaCasella

I would recommend Carmel Mountain preschool to anyone who is nervous about putting their child into preschool at a young age. We started Luca at Carmel Mountain when he was 18 months. He is now 2.5 and it has been amazing watching him make new friends and grow to love his teachers. The activities that Class 6a does on a weekly basis are fun, nurturing, and educational. I’m amazed what he’s learning every day and love seeing him develop new skills or even come home singing a new song. Putting our son in Carmel Mountain preschool was one of the best decisions we made for his education and development.  Thank you!

— Lindsey Ricciardelli

Carmel Mountain Preschool has been a great experience for me and my family.  I feel so lucky that my daughter gets to go here, the teachers and staff are amazing!  I’ve never had a bad experience with anyone at this school, and my daughter enjoys her time here.  I especially appreciate the flexibility with scheduling, I’ve had to add days recently with very little notice and the staff here made sure to keep me updated on all openings until I got what I needed.  This school was recommended to me for good reason, and I recommend it to everyone who asks about preschools.

— Theresa Marek

We have been extremely happy with Carmel Mountain Preschool since our first daughter Lyla began attending five years ago. She is now in 1st grade and is thriving in a dual language program. Lyla also attended the CMP Preschool summer camp and looks forward to visiting the campus when she rides along with us to pick up or drop off her younger sister, Ariana, who is in her 3rd year at CMP.

Over the years, the staff at CMP have become an extended family. The girls feel very comfortable there…and we feel comfortable leaving them in their care. Every teacher that our daughters have had has been excellent. They aren’t just babysitting…they get their students prepared to be successful at the next level.

We have recommended CMP with confidence to our friends and family and feel fortunate that Lyla and Ariana were able to start their education in such a positive environment.

— Melissa Monzet

While my child’s time at CMP was brief (8 months), his experience in Pre-K made a lasting impact on not only him, but our family as well. When our son joined our family we knew that he needed extra help with his academic skills in order for him to be well prepared for kindergarten. After attending another preschool and feeling let down by their lack attention to our son’s needs, we were blessed to find CMP. Within a few weeks our son was thriving and receiving the support, attention, nurturing, and love that we were looking for. He frequently came home telling us about friendships he was making and concepts he was learning. It was clear that his love for learning was blossoming and we owe that to the staff at CMP. Not only did his teacher prepare him for kindergarten, but she, along with other staff members, continually encouraged, challenged, and cared for him on a daily basis. They were respectful of his background and our unique family situation. When I see how well our son is doing in kindergarten, I know that we owe a great deal to the staff at CMP. He was provided with a stable foundation that allowed him to grow and he continues to excel because of the positive experiences he had while at CMP. I would whole-heartedly, without a doubt recommend CMP to other families. No matter what circumstances may be facing your child(ren) and/or family, the staff at CMP will welcome you with open arms and provide the quality type of learning/care environment that your child deserves.

— Jamie Matthew

We are so grateful that our family discovered Carmel Mountain Preschool and that both of our daughters have been able to grow and thrive at CMP.  Our youngest still attends and “going to school” is always her favorite part of her day. Over the years we have gotten to know the faculty, staff and many fellow CMP children and parents, and feel very fortunate to be a part of the CMP family. The experiences for our daughter within the classroom, through social engagements, exploring and learning at the Glenn, and physical activity on the playgrounds clearly impact her academic, social and physical development.  We appreciate the regular communication from the faculty and staff on activities and photos and descriptions of the pedagogy and learning theory assist us in extending the learning and discussions at home.

While there are less expensive preschools, this is certainly a wise investment as the engagement, education and loving and supporting environment are priceless and the benefits are clearly visible in the growth and development of our children. Watching them run and hug teachers and staff only reinforces our appreciation for CMP. Thank you CMP for helping us give our girls such a great head start!

— Kristin & William O'Bannon

We are so happy that Hanna attends Carmel Mountain Preschool. I don’t think we could ask for more caring individuals to educate our little girl. Hanna simply adores Miss May and Miss Melissa, and whenever I take her to school, there are countless adults with whom my daughter feels a strong and positive connection. What more could a parent ask for? Oh, I guess that the environment is stimulating, encouraging, educational and all around wonderful? Well, Carmel Mountain Preschool embodies all of these things as well!

I would recommend CMPS to anyone who is seeking a joyful, creative, healthy school for their child to attend. I am so glad we chose Carmel Mountain Preschool!

— Rachel Berry

Damian LOVED the summer mini-camps at CMP! His big sisters are always telling him about their fun summer camp adventures, and he has been asking, “Mom, when do I get to go to summer camp?”  This year, I finally got to tell him, “This is your year!” All summer he proudly told his sisters about his fun camps: Hot Wheels, Space, Jurassic, Nature-Inspired Crafts, Famous Artists, and even Cheer Camp!

— Erin Castelloe

When we enrolled our oldest son to Carmel Mountain Preschool in 2008, we were anxious how he will feel in a new environment, if we will get a teacher who will be nurturing and understanding.

Soon after, we knew that it was the right choice. Everything was beyond our expectations, great security, excellent academic program (my son knew how to read well before entering kindergarten) with mix of music and a lot of art. Three playgrounds that are appropriate to the age and most of all teachers that are wonderful.

That was the reason why we came back with our twin boys. The system is the same. Every teacher is just excellent! Miss Kelly, who made them feel more safe when they started to attend to the preschool, Miss Marisol, who was always very understanding and kept open communication with us and Miss Christina who has a great balance of love, understanding at the same time is able to  teach the kids where the limits are. Every staff is always smiling, and willing to help. We love Carmel Mountain Preschool! No regrets!

— Dorota & Victor Wallenrod

“My Daughter loves attending Carmel Mountain Preschool, and we love having her there.  As a working Mom, CMP has been a life saver.  They have great hours so I can pick up my Daughter with my work schedule, and they communicate efficiently with what is coming up so I don’t miss anything.  They also care and treat my daughter with such warmth, kindness, and respect.  After 3 years, she is more than ready for Kindergarten and her Brother is going to excel once he starts preschool next fall.  I highly recommend this Preschool to anyone who is looking.  It takes a village to raise a child, and I am glad they are part of ours!

— The Mirafuentes Family

One of the best decisions we’ve made was having our girls go to Carmel Mountain Preschool. Our family has been with CMP for three years now and we feel very lucky to have found such an amazing preschool! The teachers really look at the individual child and help nurture their interests and strengths. Our oldest daughter just entered kindergarten this year and is performing above and beyond the standards of public school, thanks to CMP! Gina, Donna, and the rest of the staff have made our experience with preschool one to cherish always.

— Rachel Takara

I would recommend CMP to family and friends. This is our first year at CMP and I’ve been pleased overall with the two year old program. My daughter currently attends 2 times a week/full days. I think what has impressed me the most is the staff. All of them know my daughter’s name and have been very conscientious about her needs when I’ve requested them. They really emphasize reading which has been wonderful for my child, and learned the ABCs while at school – something I expected in the 3 year old program but not 2’s.

— Jordan Cole

Since we enrolled our daughter in the 2 year old program, we have loved every minute. With the guidance of her loving teachers, she has grown into such a wonderful, smart, kind and social child. Through the different activities, exercises and programs, she is exposed to learning in a structured, yet playful environment. I’ve really enjoyed all the family involvement and activities. While I can’t be with her during the day, I know she’s having the best time getting the best education. Everyone at CMP has taken the time and effort to know her and us. We are lucky to have found this as her first foundation of education.

— Jenna Leihua Langley

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