“Five Star Chicken Hotel” Chicken Coop

Two important life skills for preschool children to learn are empathy and caring for others.  One of the ways that young children can learn these important skills is by caring for plants and animals.  Carmel Mountain Preschool students have the opportunity to help care for plants and different reptiles, amphibians and bugs in the Nature Lab but we wanted the preschoolers to have access to different types of animals.  Every year we hatch chicks in an incubator in our Kindergarten Prep classroom.  Our preschool students love to learn how a chick grows from an embryo and watch the chicks hatch and interact with them.

In the past we took the chicks back to the farm after they were two weeks old. In April 2017 the farm told us that they didn’t want the chicks back so we had to make a quick decision.  We decided to keep the chicks and take it a step further by building the “Five Star Chicken Hotel”.  Now our students can watch chicks grow into egg producing hens.  Our Carmel Mountain Preschool Students take great pride in our chickens and love to interact and feed them organic chicken food and organic scraps from our Carmel Mountain Preschool kitchen.  We hope you will enjoy visiting our chickens and learning about proper care of chickens in our Nature Lab.

Plus it’s a great place to tell your favorite chicken joke –

“What did Snow White call her chicken?”  “Egg White!“

Carmel Mountain Preschool Chicken Coop