Our Three-year-old Program introduces children to cognitive, social and language arts skills to ensure a life-long love of learning.


Our 1:12 teacher-to-child ratio fosters independence while providing the support and individual attention they need. Our teachers are able to get to know each child as an individual.

Curriculum & Daily Activities

The 3-year old Program incorporates the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s “Splash into Pre-K” curriculum. Students are exposed to a print-rich environment to promote comprehension and vocabulary as well as an introduction to a variety of literature: fiction, nonfiction, poems, songs, and rhymes. They usually start the day with “Circle Time” and learn a math skill (counting, matching, patterns, etc.), science skill or literacy skill (read a book, finger play, music and movement, etc.). Playground time allows the children to enhance their gross motor skills and explore different environments with their friends. The children can rely on lunch time being around 11:30AM and nap time is usually from 12:30PM – 2:30PM.

Each class also has “Center Learning Time” where the children enjoy different activities for fine motor skills. The teachers have fun coming up with various activities and exercises that engage the children. The fruit and vegetable snack is available in the morning and afternoon. Our Three-year-olds enjoy visiting The Art Studio, The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden 3 times a month to foster their artistic abilities and explore their growing knowledge of science and nature. Overall, the children have a wonderful time exploring all the outdoor facilities and enjoy the fun-filled academics that instill confidence and initiative.

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Unique Benefits

Carmel Mountain Preschool is there for your child and has unique benefits that will further your child’s learning and happiness. Conscious Discipline methods are used by our well trained and educated teachers and staff members. We encourage you to check out more information on these methods as they can be very helpful in using the right words at the right time for your child to learn from their actions. We also have an Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist available to support the children in many areas. Please see the Unique Benefits page for more information.

— Parent Testimonial —

We are proud to say that our 3-year-old is part of the CMP family. We are two full time working moms who never worry about our child when we drop her off at school. Most days when I arrive to pick our daughter, she gives a hug and then asks, “Can I play for 1 more minute?” She adores her friends, teachers and the play areas which are specific to each age group.
It is obvious how much love and support every teacher and staff member show our child. I am constantly amazed how every single person who works at the school knows my child’s name and her personality.
CMP has so much to offer from tinker lab, the Glen, art studio, hip hop class, gymnastics, you name it. The teachers know how to make every day fun and enjoyable. The teachers put a backdrop by the front door for every season and holiday which is amazing for pictures. They also have chalk figurines during holidays that the kids lay next to for pictures. The kids love it and find it hilarious. I love how the school encourages learning and independence while allowing kids to be kids! Tinker has taught my daughter to trust herself and take initiative to build and fix things. The school often has Zoovargo visit where the kids can pet zoo animals and learn about their life and development.
There is so much to love about CMP, but the most important to me is that I feel like the teachers treat my child as they would their own. They pour their hearts and souls into these children. The joy she feels and the love she feels from them shines on her face every day. We are so grateful our daughter is a CMP kid.

— The Wacker Family

three year old playing outside during fall


  • Amazing playground and ample outdoor space
  • The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s “Splash into Pre-K” curriculum
  • 1:12 teacher-to-student ratio
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Experienced and loving teachers

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