Baby Doll Circle Time

toddler with baby doll at preschool

The first three years of child development the brain is storing relationship patterns that become the model of self, relationships, and the ability to regulate. The goal is to enhance the quality of the relationship between a child and their caregiver.

Baby doll circle time is a curriculum focused on infants and toddlers that provides the necessary connections for children to thrive. Baby Doll Circle Time helps with connection, attunement, self-regulation, separation anxiety, promotes trust, cooperation, empathy, and reduces power struggles and stress.

young toddler girl with baby doll at preschool

Baby doll circle time consists of two components which build upon one another.

  1. Teachers introduce I love you rituals or social games with the child one on one
  2. In a structured group time, the child will repeat those rituals with their babydolls
toddler learning to take care of a baby

What you need for Baby Doll Circle Time:

  1. Baby dolls
  2. Small blankets
  3. Diapers
  4. Lotion and band-aids

Get creative with your supplies, but remember the intent is for connection.

basket of toy dolls

There are 6 categories in Baby Doll Circle Time:

  1. Peek-A-Boo: Children will build attachments with primary and secondary care providers who are attuned to their needs
  2. Body Parts: Children develop an understanding of their body through tactile and vestibular exercises
  3. Booboos: Children learn how to heal the emotional and physical hurts they have experienced and offer sympathy to their dolls.
  4. I Love You Rituals: Building attachment between adult and child through attuned, intentional interactions
  5. Stop and Go: Children learn how to control their impulses through self-regulation
  6. Emotions: Children have the opportunity to name, manage, and embrace the feelings that arise. They learn how to calm emotional upset of their baby dolls through breathing and soothing

Lessons should take 5-10 minutes. Begin doing the lessons 3x a week. Once the children show more interest, you may increase how often you play.

young girl learning to take care of a baby at childcare

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