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Bubble Wrap and Loose Parts Play

“I had an idea” to put all that Tinker Hollow bubble wrap that we have been collecting since the fall to use and have some fun. Miss Marcy helped Miss Carole create bubble shoes for the children. They loved walking and popping and jumping and popping.

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Dark Room Shadow Play

This week I decided to convert the art studio into a dark room for the children to create, play and explore silhouette art as a fun form of art medium.

Using shadow boxes and multi-colored click lights, the children made their own unique sculptures to cast shadows.

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Puffy Paint Cakes

Each child benefits from this form of role-playing in such a joyful manner, which is not only fun for them but also improves their social skills, confidence, creative communication, and problem-solving.

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Styrofoam Sculpture

Children love stuff that sticks together. These super cool and colorful pieces of Styrofoam can be used for making all kinds of interesting sculptures.

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Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time

Dear CMP, My daughter always has a hard time adjusting to daylight savings time changes. Do you have any suggestions for making the transition easier? Sincerely, Not Looking Forward to Spring Forward Dear Not Looking Forward to Spring Forward, Daylight savings can be hard on the whole family. Keep in mind these four easy steps […]

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