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Natural Flower Collage

Do you ever have flowers that you do not want to throw away? Or flowers that need to be plucked from your garden? Well we have found the perfect solution. Making a flower collage!

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Dinosaur Fossils

During this week the children explored the different names of the dinosaurs, herbivores vs. carnivores, what habitats looked like for certain dinosaurs, and studying “fossils”.

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Artists and the mediums they choose

This week 4B, we talked about Artists and the different mediums they use to create art.

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Art Literacy Week

Art Literacy week started April 19th. Learn about all the activities we have planned!

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Fun Activities to do Outdoors

Read these fun activities that would be great to enjoy during the summer time while the weather is nice! Your child will love to explore nature during these games, while still learning through the process.

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