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How To Handle Biting

Biting is a behavior typically seen in children ages infants-2 years old. As children get older, they begin to learn self-control, impulse control, and have the vocabulary to voice their needs

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celebrating bilingual

Celebrating Bilingualism

Children who are exposed to multiple languages experience many long term benefits such as increased mental flexibility, better focus, and greater problem solving skills.

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OT and Speech Definitions

Every week at CMP we have an Occupational Therapist and a Speech-Language Pathologist on campus to observe and brainstorm with parents and staff the best way to support students

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preschool book of feelings

5B Book of Feelings

Our 5B Book of Feelings was created to promote emotional awareness. This interactive project serves as a valuable tool for young learners to recognize and regulate their emotions.

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preschool boy with kabob

Fruit Kabobs

Beyond being a tasty treat, making fruit kabobs by patterning offers a hands-on learning experience that can enhance various skills in young children.

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