Our Toddler Program supports your child’s eagerness for learning in a fun, creative, engaging environment. Our Toddler classroom has special furniture and safety measures to cater to your child’s size and building body awareness.


Our 1:6 teacher-to-child ratio provides each child valuable learning interactions and support as they experience great developmental accomplishments.

With the classroom’s close proximity to the office and our office staff, there is ample help for those days when the toddlers need some extra comforting.


Through cross-curriculum learning, each child engages in a variety of activities that spark their interest, love for learning and exploration of the world around them. Daily routines and procedures give our toddlers the consistency they love.

Daily Activities

Daily group time is another fun and interactive way for children to be exposed to colors, shapes, letters, numbers, rhythm and movement. Daily reading by our caring staff support a love for reading along with vocabulary development. Learning centers provide many meaningful opportunities that foster creativity and imaginary play through creative arts, science, dramatic and sensory play, as well as manipulatives and block building. Our toddlers have their own individual outdoor playground time with special toddler materials that support gross motor skills and age-appropriate parallel play.

Our toddlers get to visit The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden 2-3 times a month to encourage their exploration and love of both art and science.

Our toddler program helps foster independence by modeling and teaching self-help skills. The toddlers get plenty of love and hugs to help them transition into enjoying school.

Toddler smiling at our childcare center

— Parent Testimonial —

Our family loves CMP and we feel that CMP is truly a part of our family. Part of the reason why we feel this way is that CMP just feels like a family-oriented environment, like a really big family. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, whether it’s to new families or families who have been at CMP for years.

— Sarah & Neal Pemble

Our toddler and two-year-old playground has a play structure just the right size for preschoolers that are perfecting their gross motor skills.

Unique Benefits

  • Toddler playground and ample outdoor space
  • The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden
  • 1 to 6 teacher-to-student ratio
  • Toddler designed specific furniture
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Teacher communication daily about diapers/eating/napping

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