Bird Feeders

kids making bird feeders at preschool

Making bird feeders promotes a sense of creativity and hands-on exploration but also instills lessons about empathy and responsibility. Crafting bird feeders allows young children to engage in a sensory experience, promoting fine motor skills and cognitive development. As preschoolers observe birds visiting their feeders, they learn about the needs of living creatures and develop an early understanding of the interconnectedness of nature. This activity provides an opportunity for educators and parents to discuss basic concepts of caring for other living beings, cultivating a sense of empathy and environmental connection from a young age. 

To do this activity at home here are the supplies we used:

·      Popsicle sticks glued to desired shape, we created triangles.

·      Twine

·      Birdfeed

·      Sun butter


1.     We put butcher paper down to contain any spills.

2.     We spooned and smeared the sun butter onto the popsicle stick triangles.

3.     We pinched and poured bird feed on top of the sun butter.

4.     I tied twine onto one side so that students can hang them in their yard.

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