Kindergarten Prep (TK)

Our Kindergarten Prep Program is specially designed for children who missed the Kindergarten cut-off date or for those who need an additional year before starting Kindergarten.


Our 1:12 teacher-to-child ratio provides a comprehensive program that encompasses reading, writing, auditory and oral skills for emergent readers in a warm and nurturing environment.

Curriculum & Daily Activities

The Kindergarten Prep Program has many different hands-on activities that incorporate academics and will prepare your child for Kindergarten. Through Macmillan-McGraw Hill’s “Beginning To Read, Write and Listen” curriculum and “Leveled Readers”, students are introduced to reading and writing through the use of phonetic spelling and high frequency sight words. The Kindergarten Prep teachers usually like to start the day with Circle Time. They are able to greet each other, focus on literacy (reading a book, etc.), have discussions, and go over “Calendar,” which incorporates math and patterns. The Kindergarten Prep Program also focuses on social and emotional growth and integrates Conscious Discipline into their activities so they can enter Kindergarten with confidence. The children love the playground and have lots of time to enjoy the fresh air with their friends, while also exploring the water areas. Music, woodworking, yoga and gymnastics are also offered for the Kindergarten Prep program so they can expand their abilities and have fun learning a new skill.

The children are exposed to a variety of literature including: fiction, non-fiction, songs and poems, encouraging group discussions promoting critical thinking skills. Practical math applications along with an introduction to earth sciences provide opportunities for independent discovery and hands-on exploration. Lunch time is usually around 11:30AM and in the early afternoon the children rest for about an hour. The teachers also like to include “Center Learning Time” in their day where they focus on literacy, math, or art. This might include pronouncing and blending words/sounds, reading, counting, learning what each number means and how to relate them to real life situations, exploring paint tools, painting with watercolors, and layering different types of paint to create something one of a kind. The children also have the chance to visit the Art Studio, Tinkering Hollow, Chicken Coop and Nature Lab where they can participate in hands-on learning from the wonderful teachers of the Glenn. All of our teachers are wonderful at coming up with new activities and ways to further learning for the children and prepare them for years to come.

Unique Benefits

Carmel Mountain Preschool has many different benefits that offer support for the children so they can grow to be healthy and happy Kindergarteners. Conscious Discipline methods are used by our well trained and educated teachers and staff members. We encourage you to check out more information on these methods as they can be very helpful in using the right words at the right time for your child to learn from their actions. We also have an Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist available to support the children in many areas. Please see the Unique Benefits page for more information.

girl with funny hands at daycare

Our Kindergarten Prep students get a very well-rounded education with weekly visits to The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden. The students get to explore the garden, learn all about science and nature, and express their artistic brilliance.

Special Extra-Curricular Activities

Kindergarten Prep students get the opportunity to explore extra-curricular learning throughout the year with a Woodworking Bus, Spanish, Art, Gymnastics and Perk Sports.

— Parent Testimonial —

Three years and two kids later, we feel lucky to have found Carmel Mountain Preschool. As parents, we were looking for a safe, warm environment where our kiddos can grow, be happy, and be loved-and boy did we find it! CMP continues to exceed our expectations and is a place our boys look forward to going. They have both grown and developed so much with the help of their extraordinary teachers. They are engaged in well thought out lessons that enrich their education and develop their minds and bodies.

The opportunities CMP provides is another aspect that makes them an exceptional preschool. Both boys love tinkering, the Glen, the Art Studio, and their teachers. We have enjoyed watching CMP’s staff and facilities grow and change. It has been so evident that they have our kiddos best interest at heart and strive to create the best preschool a kid (and their parents) can ask for. The relationships formed in the past 3 years have left a lasting impression on our family forever. Thank you, CMP! We are so appreciative of everything you have done for our boys.

—The Mueller Family

kindergarten prep boy playing in sand


  • Huge playground and outdoor areas
  • The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden
  • Macmillan-McGraw Hill’s “Beginning To Read, Write and Listen” curriculum
  • Daily reading, writing, math, art, music, social studies and science
  • 2:24 teacher-to-student ratio
  • Extra-curricular special programs throughout the year

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