Life-long Love of Learning

Our Two-year-old Program provides each student with the tools and confidence needed for a life-long love of learning and academic success.


Our 1:6 teacher-to-child ratio provides each child with valuable learning interactions and excellent potty training assistance. Our staff has ample resources to support children and parents to reach potty training success.


Through cross-curriculum learning, each child is exposed to a variety of skills and concepts, providing a strong educational foundation.

Daily Activities

Daily group time is a fun and interactive way for children to be exposed to colors, shapes, letters, numbers, rhythm and movement. The children experience adventure through daily book reading that supports a love for reading along with vocabulary development. Learning centers provide many meaningful opportunities that foster creativity and imaginary play through creative arts, science, dramatic and sensory play, as well as manipulatives and block building.

Our two-year-olds look forward to visiting The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden 2-3 times a month to explore their natural surroundings, learn about science, and express their creativity.

Our Two-year-old Program helps foster independence by modeling and teaching self-help skills.

Two year old's create art at our daycare center

— Parent Testimonial —

“He’s only 2?” is a question we hear a lot. And the answer is yes, thanks to the extra sets of hands at Carmel Mountain Preschool. CMP provides a multitude of occasions to allow Leo to be the sponge that a child naturally is.

Leo’s teachers plan a specific program designed to give him opportunities for learning daily. Not only is he already learning the ABCs and 123s but also his verbal skills have skyrocketed since he started at the age of 18 months. It’s evident the school also encourages development with manners and politeness; self-help skills, social skills, and more. He greets his friends and teachers when he enters and exits the school. He excitedly talks about what he does at school. He goes to Messy Art – which contentedly lives up to its name, eats homegrown lettuce from The Glenn, bangs drums in the Musical Garden, and runs outside and plays toys with his friends. It’s fun to listen to him sings songs that he has learned from the classroom and the stories and books that are read have spilled into our book collection at home. Since attending CMP, Leo has developed attentiveness to stories. Our child comes home happy!

The staff at CMP is not babysitting him when we go to work, they are teaching him. They all deserve to be recognized! There’s a family climate at CMP that comes from the top and spreads throughout. I can tell that our son feels a part of that family! They have the gift of making each child feel like they’re the stand out every day, every time, as they do with Leo. CMP makes kids and parents feel safe and comfortable and warm.

Carmel Mountain Preschool contributes a rainbow of exposures for our 2-year-old son!

— Chris and Jackie Tiffany

two year olds explore nature at our Glenn Garden at our childcare center

Unique Benefits

  • Age-specific Playground and ample outdoor space
  • The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden
  • Safe and caring Environment
  • Potty-training Support
  • Well-rounded learning that is play-based
  • 1 to 6 teacher-to-student ratio

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