Life-long Love of Learning

Our Two-year-old Program provides each student with the tools and confidence needed for a life-long love of learning and academic success.


Our teacher-to-child ratio (1:6.5) provides each child with valuable learning interactions and excellent potty training assistance. Our staff has ample resources to support children and parents to reach potty training success.

Curriculum & Daily Activities

The 2-year old Program is engaging and exciting for the little ones. Their day consists of “Circle Time,” where the children learn Conscious Discipline rituals such as saying good morning to their friends, high fiving, or giving a hug to their neighbor. During this time, the children experience adventure through book reading that supports a love for reading along with vocabulary development. To allow routine, the teachers usually include some type of “calendar” so the little ones will know their daily schedule and look forward to their favorite time of day. About 3 times a month, the children are able to visit the Art Studio, Nature Lab or Tinkering Hollow in the Glenn. These areas provide hands-on learning and introduce the children to fun and educational environments.

The children enjoy lunch around 11:30AM and nap time is from 12:30PM – 2:30PM. The fruit and vegetable snack is available in the morning and afternoon. One of the best parts of the day is “Center Learning Time.” Center Learning Time provides many meaningful opportunities that foster creativity and imaginary play through creative arts, science, dramatic and sensory play, as well as manipulatives and block building. Some of these activities might include sensory bins, forming Play-Doh into shapes, or using tongs to move pom poms from one bin to another. Playground time is always a hit for the children and they love exploring in the water and mud stations, or swinging on the play area. This is a great time for the children to strengthen their gross motor and social skills. The 2-year old Program offers a classroom that is interactive and provides teachers that foster independence by modeling and teaching self-help skills.

Unique Benefits

Carmel Mountain Preschool cares about your child’s happiness and their development into healthy Kindergarteners. Conscious Discipline methods are used by our well trained and educated teachers and staff members. We encourage you to check out more information on these methods as they can be very helpful in using the right words at the right time for your child to learn from their actions. We also have an Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist available to support the children in many areas. Please see the Unique Benefits page for more information.

young girl creating art with clay

— Parent Testimonial —

“My 2 year old, has been attending Carmel Mt. Preschool since the fall and we absolutely love it! She is always learning and bringing home really nice art projects. Her social skills have dramatically improved and she is making friends! We love our teachers Mrs. Kathleen and Ms. Whitney, they are so great with the kids! I would recommend anyone looking for a great preschool that focuses on healthy learning, positive discipline, in a clean, fun environment to check out this school. We waited on a waitlist for almost a year and it was totally worth it!!”

— Thomas

boy in garden at daycare


  • Age-specific playground and ample outdoor space
  • The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Potty-training support
  • Well-rounded learning that is play-based
  • 1 to 6.5 teacher-to-student ratio

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