The Nature Science Lab

The Nature Science Lab serves as a home base for conducting life science activities. The children learn through planned, hands-on activities and observations. While much of what we do in the Nature Science Lab is thoughtfully planned, we find that there are often many opportunities for exciting on-the-spot learning. These teachable moments are key in creating a lifelong curiosity and love for learning. Even if composting was on the agenda, we might find ourselves instead studying a living creature that has suddenly turned up in the Glenn. The serendipitous discovery of a group of caterpillars can lead us to new observations, and we’ll eagerly begin collecting, caring for, and studying the life cycles of our newfound caterpillar friends! We spend time in the Nature Science Lab studying and caring for our creature friends including our collection of animals. In the Lab, one will find captive bugs, amphibians, and reptiles. The children assist with feeding our animal friends, and also clean and maintain their habitats.

Our favorite science and nature books are often read to the children as a supplemental form of learning, combining science and literacy in the best way imaginable. We can’t imagine a more exciting way to naturally enhance our classroom curriculum!

lizard at the nature science lab

The Nature Science Lab and its activities are under the care of Mrs. Erin, our Glenn Curator, and Creature Specialist. Aside from a love for nature and wildlife, she also has a strong background in education – she came from the San Diego Zoo. She is no stranger to making the most out of every teachable moment. We’re pleased to know that The Glenn and Nature Science Lab are being utilized to their fullest potential!

The Nature Science Lab is a wonderful addition to our beloved Glenn, and a favorite learning place for our children. Please stop by and check it out for yourself.