Unique Benefits

Our Benefits

Incredible Grounds- A spacious 3-acres of fun for children

Carmel Mountain Preschool is located on three lush acres of property, providing plenty of space for the children to explore and learn in various environments. The teachers enjoy creating themed activities for the children to experience on the nine outdoor learning decks and soccer field. The activity may be building a spaceship out of Play-Doh for space week or painting their favorite creature from the sea to learn about aquatic animals. Whatever activity it may be, the outdoor learning decks provide a space with fresh air, where the children feel comfortable to explore their surroundings.

Carmel Mountain Preschool has three separate playgrounds that were built for each age group and they encompass many natural elements where children can climb, run, and explore. Not only are the children able to strengthen their gross motor skills, but the playgrounds offer a place where they can play with water & mud for sensory enhancement. Many other organizations and schools across the country have come to Carmel Mountain Preschool to gather ideas and inspiration for their facilities. It is truly a one-of-a-kind space, that was specially designed for enhancing children’s abilities and happiness.

The expansive campus at Carmel Mountain Preschool allows the children to spend more time outdoors, while connecting with others and experiencing the fun play-based learning activities.

Little boy with flour on his hands as he experiments with a messy art lesson in the studio. The studio is a unique art studio to our childcare center.

Inspiring Art Studio- Where developing minds creatively engage in mindful art

The children love to use their imagination and strengthen their fine motors skills in the spacious Art Studio. The Art Studio is located outside and is surrounded by greenery from the Glenn Garden. With classes offered regularly by our talented art teacher, the children explore their creativity through inspired lessons, creating true masterpieces like only preschoolers can! The envy of any working artist, this gem of a studio is a guaranteed favorite destination for our inspired children.

Engaging Tinkering Studio- A place of inventively practical learning

The outdoor Tinkering Studio is its own little oasis where the children engage in hands-on activities such as: design challenges, imagination station, directed & free builds, and an introduction to the six classical simple machines (lever, wheel, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and screw). The children have plenty of room to use their imagination and creativity with each project, either as a team or independently. They love all the possibilities of the Tinkering Hollow and various instruments & tools scattered throughout!

Carmel Mountain Preschool Tinkering Studio
The Nature Science Lab

Scenic Nature Lab- Facilitating a lifelong love and respect for our
planet’s flora and fauna

Along the trail in the Glenn, nestled in the trees, lies the Nature Lab. The lab provides a space where the children can learn through hands-on activities and create a life-long love for the outdoors. Classes can spend their day caring for their creature friends and learning about different habitats. Discovery is just around the corner for children that experience the captivating creatures of the Nature Lab.

Early Intervention Specialized Services- So your children can flourish

Carmel Mountain Preschool offers support for your children, so they can learn and grow into healthy and happy School Age students. We have a registered and licensed pediatric occupational therapist that is there to observe the children and support them in the following areas: sensory processing, fine & gross motor skill development, visual motor skill development, feeding coordination, emotional regulation, and social participation. We believe in the inclusion of all children and providing a holistic approach to therapy.

Since children are starting to learn to talk and develop their language skills, it is important to provide guidance so they can best perfect their communication style. CMP offers a Speech-Language Pathologist to support your child and help them build their receptive, expressive, and social language skills. These skills will help them feel more confident at home, school, and in their community

Conscious Discipline Child Centered Guidance- Provides the best communication for learning & enhancement

Carmel Mountain Preschool is proud to use Conscious Discipline methods throughout the campus. We believe in making the children feel safe, so that they can listen and learn through challenging situations. Conscious Discipline focuses on the internal brain body states that are most likely to produce certain behaviors in children and in ourselves. With this awareness, we learn to consciously manage our own thoughts and emotions so we can help children learn to do the same.

Long Term CMP Family of Educators – Committed staff members that are there for your children

Here at CMP, we want the very best for the children and their development. We take pride in hiring qualified and caring staff members that make up our CMP family. In 2020, Carmel Mountain Preschool’s turnover was at 21%, while the average preschool turnover pre-pandemic was around 48% (pandemic turnover was estimated to be well over 80%). We have a solid foundation of teachers that have a passion in child development and want to make a difference in their lives.

staff photo at child care center