The Art Studio

The Studio is nestled up in the corner of The Glenn right next to The Nature Lab. This outdoor educational environment is magical and a very special place for the children at Carmel Mountain Preschool.

The studio space was designed to engage the students and facilitate new learning by exploring and manipulating materials to stimulate imagination, creative problem solving, material manipulation with process-encouraged projects, play, and exploration.

Our studio offers a variety of projects including ongoing installations, sculptures, bookmaking, sewing, collages, drawing, and painting. The children explore a variety of materials ranging from recycled objects, natural found objects, wire, yarn, clay and paint. We encourage original pieces of art and communicate with the children to explore many possibilities. We also encourage discussion and allow the children to explain their work from process to completion.

The natural habitat that surrounds the studio includes a lush garden, trees, plants, and a variety of musical equipment. The children learn to connect to nature and this experience teaches them to respect the present and to observe their surroundings in a new and meaningful way. Children are often inspired by their surroundings and create art based on their experiences and observations. They are encouraged to let the space be their own, to feel safe, comfortable and excited to explore in The Studio as well as in The Glenn.