Creating Connections with Students:

During CMP’s fall in service, our teachers spent some time together learning about different ways to connect with our students.

Connections between teachers and students are important because 

  1. Connections build a sense of safety between teacher and child.
  2. Connections allow a relationship/bond between teacher and child to develop.

Our CMP staff learned of 2 different ways to create individual connections with students.  In order to create positive connections, there are 4 components needed.

  1. Presence- clear your mind and focus on each individual child.
  2. Eye contact- use your eyes to “notice” and read the child’s message.
  3. Playfulness- relax, have fun, be silly
  4. Touch- use your hands to tap, tickle, touch (with child’s consent) to connect.

One of the ways we learned to connect is through the use of daily greetings and goodbyes.  Teachers were encouraged to come up with greetings/goodbyes that will draw children’s interests, allow for touch and non-touch and are fun/silly.  Some of the examples we came up with were:

High Five (touch)

high five at preschool

Thumbs Up (non-touch)

Unicorn (fun/silly)

teaching preschoolers hand gestures

The second way CMP staff learned to connect with children, was through the use of “I Love You Rituals”.  “I Love You Rituals” are a part of Conscious Discipline (which CMP uses as a social emotional learning curriculum and tool) and allow children and their caregivers (teachers) a way to connect through finger plays, songs and poems.  Teachers were introduced to a few different “I Love You Rituals” such as Round and Round the GardenThere Was a Little Mouse and Two Little Blackbirds.  Teachers were shown different ways to introduce these “I Love You Rituals” to their students.  

See below for directions in how to connect with your child using the “I Love You Ritual” Round and Round the Garden.

Round and Round the Garden

Round and round the garden,

(Draw a circle on your child’s palm)

Goes the teddy bear.

One step,

(Use your fingers to walk One step up your child’s arm)

Two step,

(Use your fingers to walk One more step up your child’s arm)

Tickle under there.

(Tickle under your child’s favorite spot)

preschooler teachers getting to know each other
teachers team building

Check with your child’s classroom to see which ways they are connecting with their teachers through use of greetings/goodbyes and “I Love You Rituals”.

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