Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program facilitates and deepens a child’s existing social skills, empathy, sharing, cooperation and collaboration with, peers while creating a life-long love of learning. This program ensures kindergarten preparedness.


Our 1:12 teacher-to-child ratio promotes an environment that supports experimentation, independent discovery, confidence, and creativity through developmentally appropriate practices. Your child has his or her own personality, needs, strengths and weaknesses and our teacher will get to know them as the individual they are.

Curriculum & Daily Activities

The Pre-K Program has a lot to offer from hands-on activities to outside education areas where the children explore and learn from their environment. This program builds and expands The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Pre-Kindergarten curriculum to ensure that we meet and exceed state standards. Children are exposed to a print-rich environment promoting vocabulary, multicultural awareness, introduction to writing and phonological awareness, story elements, sequences of events, and the ability to communicate ideas through pictures and writing. Usually teachers like to start out the day with “Circle Time.” Circle Time incorporates music & movement, Conscious Discipline practices, Calendar time with math exercises, reading, and letters of the week. The children enjoy a fruit and vegetable snack in the morning and afternoon. They will also have the chance to go to the playground and build their gross motor skills.

The teachers set-up “Center Learning Time” where the children work on different activities. Some of these activities include learning fine motor skills, upper & lower case letters, art, science projects (mixing solutions, sink or float exercises, planting, etc.), learning numbers, tally marks (adding and taking away), counting, patterns and sorting. Lunch time is around 11:30AM and nap time is 12:30PM – 2:30PM where the children can relax their mind and bodies. The children love to visit the Art Studio, Nature Lab or Tinkering Hollow where they can explore outside and enhance their gross and fine motor skills. Overall, the Pre-K Program is a fun way for children to learn all the skills they need to excel in Kindergarten.

girls drawing with crayons

Unique Benefits

Carmel Mountain Preschool has many different benefits that offer support for the children so they can grow to be healthy and happy Kindergarteners. Conscious Discipline methods are used by our well trained and educated teachers and staff members. We encourage you to check out more information on these methods as they can be very helpful in using the right words at the right time for your child to learn from their actions. We also have an Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist available to support the children in many areas. Please see the Unique Benefits page for more information.

— Parent Testimonial —

Growing up in the area and having attended Carmel Mountain Preschool as a child, I was so excited to come and explore it as an option for our boys. I was blown away as a parent looking at the amazing place it had grown into. Carmel Mountain Preschool has everything we could have asked for and more. We are consistently pleased by the amazing learning opportunities and unmatched facilities. The boys love going to tinkering, learning in the glen and creating art in the studio. We love that they have the opportunity grow and have fun in an environment that is nurturing and so well rounded. The owners, teachers and staff are all wonderful people. Their passion for children and education is easy to see and translates into every part of this school. We are always amazed that all of the teachers seem to know every student’s name. Our boys love going to school each day and we know that they are in great hands. We are so glad our kids are a part of this school and are proud to be part of the CMP family!

— The Stimpson Family

boy outside learning at daycare


  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Curriculum
  • Great sized classrooms with ample high-quality materials
  • 1:12 teacher-to-student ratio
  • Huge playground and lots of outdoor space
  • The Art Studio and The Nature Lab & Glenn Garden
  • Hands-on learning

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