PLAYdoh: Why Playdoh is more than Playing

Playdoh is a wonderful tool that helps support children in many areas of their lives. Think for a moment all of the ways in which you use your fingers. Without being able to use our fingers we are simply helpless. To train our fingers we must work on our fine motor skills. This is where playdoh comes in.

preschooler with playdough

Before children are able to write, tie shoes, use utensils, etc. they need to gain control of the muscles and movements in their fingers. By rolling, pinching, grasping, and molding the dough, children are working on strengthening the small muscles in their fingers which will help them build more confidence, self esteem, and become more independent.

When sculpting playdoh, children are encouraged to use their imaginations to express themselves. They are also able to collaborate with their peers which helps develop their social skills such as sharing, working together to build a creation, resolving conflicts, and taking turns.

So next time you see your child “only playing with playdoh” know that they are stimulating their creativity and learning valuable social skills while also having fun. And while they are playing, expand the play by asking questions such as: How can you make your playdoh flat? Into a ball? Into a shape? What does your playdoh feel like? Tell me about your creation.

If you want to make play-doh at home check out our DIY page which has the recipe for CMP’s playdoh.

playdough shapes at preschool

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