Bubble Day!!

During Week of the Young, a family from 2A volunteered to do a Bubble Day with our toddler classes! The grandparent of a student is a university science teacher and brought fun activities for the children to learn and explore with.

She brought her own mixture of bubbles that were made of:

-Vegetable Glycerin

-Dawn Soap

-Distilled Water


She provided all the materials like bubble mixture, containers, bubble wands, kiddie pool, and paper towels. She showed the teachers how each bubble wand works and how we can assist the children to create successful bubbles.

Skills practiced:

-Taking turns

-Oral motor skills

-Fine motor skills

-Hand eye coordination

-Eye tracking skills

-Following multi step direction  

-Sensory exposure


Not only are bubbles a fun activity for all ages, but there are many benefits when playing with them. Taking deep breaths to create the bubbles helps calm the body. Playing within the mixture becomes a sensory outlet when having big emotions. Lastly, popping bubbles are fun to pop!

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