Cardboard Challenge

Early in February 2024 CMP and the city of San Diego received so much rain we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Luckily, our teacher’s decided to create a Cardboard Challenge. The mission: Paint, color, build, whatever your class can imagine.

The Cardboard Challenge promotes imagination, teamwork, resourcefulness, creativity, and critical thinking. It allows children to engage in creative play- play that is expressed when children use familiar materials in a new or unusual way, engage in role-play, and imagination.

Cardboard is a wonderful material for children. It is easily accessible, durable, and children of all ages are able to create a masterpiece.

Our youngest toddlers class worked together using paint and stickers to create this collaborative art piece:

cardboard challenge

While our oldest TK class decided to shoot for the stars with their rocket:

finished cardboard challenge

No matter the experience level, the Cardboard Challenge is a wonderful way to spend time together especially during a rain storm!

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