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preschool clay bear cave

Bear Caves

This lesson we began with a fun book “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and the children sat down to create their own bear caves.

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boy with wood blocks at preschool]

Scrap wood Planes, Cars and Boats

At Tinkering for the past few months, the students have been learning about different types of vehicles. To expand on this subject, they would get the chance to create either a plane, car or boat from scrap wood.

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gravity rain drops art

Gravity Raindrops

In this activity they will get the opportunity to explore with watercolors, work on their fine motor skills, and how gravity works!

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natural flower collage

Natural Flower Collage

Do you ever have flowers that you do not want to throw away? Or flowers that need to be plucked from your garden? Well we have found the perfect solution. Making a flower collage!

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dinosaur fossils art

Dinosaur Fossils

During this week the children explored the different names of the dinosaurs, herbivores vs. carnivores, what habitats looked like for certain dinosaurs, and studying “fossils”.

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