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girls doing messy art at preschool

Messy Art

Painting at preschool is most often a full body sensory experience. Children’s first instinct is to touch and feel the paint usually resulting in finger painting.

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tiny seed book

The Tiny Seed

Classroom 4B had so much fun learning about all things Spring, for this lesson, we began by reading The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.

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girl crafting on earth day at preschool

Celebrating Earth Day

The classroom 4B learned all about Earth Day & Recycling this past week! They began on Monday with brainstorming things that they can do to keep our Earth safe.

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monet water lilies

Monet’s Lilies

Claude Monet was a French painter and founder of impressionist painting, he is famous for his paintings of nature as he perceived it – especially his art portraying water lilies.

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boy creating paper mache at preschool

Paper Mache @ Tinker Hollow

To continue with our exploration of paper, we created Paper Mache Sculptures with paper and flour paste. This was another messy project. The sensory table had flour and water to

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children making paper at preschool

Paper Making

For this lesson, the children learned about Paper and Paper Making. We learned a brief history of paper, how it is made and then we were able to make some recycled paper.

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