From behavior management to changes in routines and everything in between, Social Stories are a powerful tool for connection. There are various reasons that Social Stories can be helpful, they help present information in a personalized story format, they can provide a visual of behavior expectations, and it’s a fun way for students to be involved in the learning process.

There are many things that little learners have to acclimate to at school and at home and Social Stories are a great resource to help better prepare them for what’s ahead. Social Stories can be about but are not limited to:

  • A new baby on the way
  • Moving to a new home/school
  • Learning how to keep it safe
  • How to deal with big feelings and emotions
  • Morning routines
  • Washing hands
  • Class schedule
  • Keeping classmates safe

There are some great resources online to find premade Social Stories, after practicing Conscious Discipline adding photos of the child helps them feel more connected when teaching the missing skills. To create a social story it’s helpful to:

  • Outline the desired behavior or steps in the routine
  • Have a simple sentence reinforcing the desired behavior with a matching photo of what that looks like
  • Show visuals of choices and reinforce that you always have a choice

To make the connection powerful, dedicate a special time to read the story with your child. Taking a few pauses to make sure your child understands each page and asking questions as you go along. This time of connecting will translate into cooperation.

Below is an example of a Social Story used to illustrate the choices available when big emotions arise.

social stories 1-3
social stories 4-6
social stories 7-9