Boats at Tinker Hollow

For this lesson we were talking all about boats. Sail boats, speed boats, cruise ships and more.  The children were very excited about playing with the boats in the water. We learned that boats can move with the wind, by an engine and lastly with human power. Bow, Stern, Hull, Keel, Mast …These are just some of the parts of a boat and another language all together.  We read Boats Float,  Are Pirates Polite? and Pirates Love UnderpantsMake a boat and see if it floats:The children had plenty of options to make different types of boats and then see if they floated in our water tables. I provided tin foil, corks, toothpicks, plastic lids, pipe cleaners and more. They discovered that some paper can float but if it gets too wet then they sink.Here are the Kindergarteners making and testing if their boats float:Handouts about Boats:10 Boat Activities For Preschoolers + Boat Crafts That Float (

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No boat then rent one:

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More boat books to check out:Have a boat: Give me a call, lol…

We are so lucky to live in San Diego, we are surrounded by beaches with plenty of places to go boating. Children can always go boating just make sure to keep it safe, life preservers are so important, even just riding around the bay. I know the kids really enjoy playing in the water with their boats and also the boats we had to play with. Sail on and have a wonderful day!

Much Love, Miss Stacie

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