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To continue with our exploration of paper, we created Paper Mache Sculptures with paper and flour paste. This was another messy project. The sensory table had flour and water to play with. The children could weave with yarn, fabric on cardboard. They had some fun with boxes, first just hanging out in our box car and then decorated the big boxes with colorful paint.

See below for more adventures in Tinker Hollow.Books that we read:Want to draw Wolfie, here’s the link:Paper Mache is a Historic Art Form
This art form has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians created paper mache masks, while Persians created bowls and trays and Europeans used decorative paper mache in place of painted wood or plaster. Here are some really cool examples of this art from the internet.Amazing Paper Mache – Bing images

40 DIY Paper Mache Ideas To Take On – Useful DIY ProjectsThere are also plenty of flour paste alternatives if you or your child are allergic. You can experiment with different materials and see what works best for you. Plus, it’s fun to play and create different potions with everyday kitchen supplies.
Liquid starch (undiluted): Although primarily for ironing clothes, this thickened, sticky liquid is perfect for paper mache projects.
Wallpaper paste: Follow the directions from the manufacturer to mix this paste.
White glue: White glue mixed with about one part water with two to three parts glue. You can use this mixture for a small project.DIY Paper Mache Paste Recipes (, the kids decided what their sculpture would be. Some made hearts, snakes even rainbows. Then they took the strips of paper and dipped them into the paste and applied to the newspaper form. They continue to apply the wet paper until the base shape was completely covered or they were finished and then it went out into the sun to dry. The final step was to decorate or paint their sculpture, which was done in their classroom.How to Make Paper Mache:
Step 1: Gather the supplies. Old newspapers or colored tissue paper, flour, water, tape, scissorsStep 2: Prepare the paste.
Get some flour and water, this is the beginning of the fun mess. Mix together in a container. I usually do one part water and one part flour.Step 3: Tear or cut the newspaper into strips.Step 4: Make a form out of the newspaper, box or you can use a balloon for the shape as well. Use your imagination here, lots of animals and things can be made out of newspaper and tape.Step 5: Dip the strips of paper in the mixture and apply to the form. This can get super messy, and that’s ok, I suggest this to be an outdoor project. Repeat until the form is covered, I like to do multiple layers to make it thick and sturdy.Step 6: Let dry and then you can decorate with paint or anything really. If you used a balloon, you have to pop it. You can also cut the paper mache into a bowl as well.Over all this was a mess, a big fun mess and most of the children loved it. I hope you all try this at home. If you are one of the lucky ones with a very clean loving child, this is a great way to have them try something new. Have a great day! Much love Miss. StacieCheck out this out

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