paper making at carmel mountain preschool

For this lesson, the children learned about Paper and Paper Making. We learned a brief history of paper, how it is made and then we were able to make some recycled paper. Which was messy but so easy that I challenge you to create some at home with your children.

Some of the books we read:
I can only Draw Worms, Words are Not for Hurting and Fairy Colors.

We had lots of activities that included or had a sensory experience with paper. Our water tables were filled with shredded paper and water. They could feel the paper dry and then have fun adding it to the water table. This is part of the paper-making process, which I will have displayed below. They could also do some collages with various papers to choose from, tissue paper, printed craft paper, newspaper, and classic construction paper. Painting paper and gluing paper is one of the standard activities we do in Tinker Hollow. But our main lesson was how to make paper. Most of the children knew that paper was made from trees but we also learned that paper is made from lots of other things. It can be made in a factory or by hand. Then the children were able to make some handmade paper. There a quite a few steps and they were so messy but we had a lot of fun.

Exploring Paper and Water: How does it feel? Dry? Wet?

paper and water play at preschool
paper and water play at preschool 2

Strain the Paper Pulp

strain the paper cup
making paper at preschoool
girl making paper at preschool
boy making paper at preschool

Press the water out of the pulp

children pressing water out of paper
children making paper at preschool

Dry the pulp

finished home made paper at preschool

We added some flowers and the Paper almost ready to use, just have to dry a little more.

gluing paper at preschool

Let’s cut and glue some paper!

cutting paper at preschool
children cutting paper at preschool

Painting on paper

painting homemade paper at preschool
children with finished paper art at preschool

See more of the students art work at

The Art Studio – Carmel Mountain Preschool

History of Paper

The earliest paper was called Papyrus.

It was made from plants called reeds in ancient Egypt.

Egyptian paper
nile river

The Chinese next made paper but they used tree bark and old fish nets.

tree bark
fishing nets

Paper making then spread to the rest of the world.

Paper is made from various materials, such as rags, plants and trees. Sometimes in a factory and sometimes by hand. We are going to make recycled paper from old newspapers, tissue paper and paper from the shredder.

tissue paper
shredded paper

How to make Recycled Paper

1. Get your old newspapers and cut or tear them in small pieces

cutting paper into small pieces
small pieces of paper

2. Soak the paper in water, this helps break it down to pulp. (a blender helps with this)

water droplet
soaking pulp for paper

3. Next, we use strain the paper and water mixture with a screen.

paper screen
paper screen 2

4. We press to remove the water and let it dry, for a few days

making paper with kids

5. Once it is dry you can write or draw on your home make paper.

finished homemade paper