While planning this lesson, I was inspired by the recent immersive Van Gogh exhibition here in San Diego! An exhibition that presented moving projections of Van Gogh’s paintings. I thought that bringing interactive activities based on Van Gogh’s most famous paintings would make for an exciting immersive experience for our students here at CMP!

In the Atelier we began by painting a still life of sun flowers, using tempera paints.
For the younger children, we focused more on color mixing to make greens and oranges that matched our sunflowers and for the older children we focused more on creating shapes.

van gogh preschool art project
two girls coloring an art project at preschool
flower coloring at preschool

After painting, I invited my students to freely explore different areas of the garden that offered activities based on some of Vincent Van Gogh’s work.

Station 1 – Van Gogh’s Self Portrait

boy outside painting art at preschool

Station 2 – The Chair

preschoolers painting chairs

Station 3 – Still Life (Pouring stations are great for developing motor skills!)

boy at pouring station at preschool

Station 4 – Starry Night

starry night art project at preschool

It’s never too early to start introducing art history into a child’s life.
Art and art history allows early learners to establish an early foundation for art appreciation, imagination, and creativity that will extend well beyond their early years!