Painting at preschool is most often a full body sensory experience.
Children’s first instinct is to touch and feel the paint usually resulting in finger painting.

I wanted to lean into this tendency by allowing them to use both their hands, feet and other large tools such as plungers, balls and jumbo paint brushes to mix paint!

This excersise was meant to challenge their ideas of what painting could be.
I wanted to give them opportunities to invent their own way of painting.
Exploring, learning and developing through sensory play and full body movements!

I could tell our CMP students loved this lesson based on the non stop laughter.
Needless to say it was an amazingly messy time.

Book: Mix It Up byHerve Tullet’s.
Concepts: Color mixing, primary colors and secondary colors.
Physical benefits: Developing gross motor skills
girls doing messy art at preschool
smiling girl doing art
preschool boy with paint on his face
young girl exploring art
young kids with paint balloons at preschool
girl with messy art project
art teacher with students at preschool
young boy painting his feet at preschool
stamping paint at preschool