Our CMP kids love being outside, we learn some of our favorite things outside! During this activity, we explored nature through color. Our Pre-k class walked all around our CMP campus on a scavenger hunt trying to color match different outdoor items!

preschool scavenger hunt
girl going on scavenger hunt at preschool
children going scavenger hunt

Students carried around their color hunt sheet and looked through the viewfinder to try and find outside items to color match. I followed behind wearing masking tape as a bracelet so that they were able to add their items to their color hunt sheet. (This could also be a fun activity to do at home or on a nature walk with your little one!)

boy with color board at preschool
girl with completed scavenger hunt board

I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of items that they found, I was anticipating the class collecting solely flower petals. But my students found:

  • Leaves that were the same shape, and they inquired about why they seem to be the same leaf, but they’re different colors and we sat underneath that tree and talked about how leaves change color with the seasons.
  • We also found some litter, which we discussed leaving nature the way we found it and the importance of picking up after ourselves.
  • We saw grass that had greens, yellows, and browns. And talked about how nature is affected when too many people walk on it, or if plants don’t get enough water and how that affects the color.

Please find the link below for the free color scavenger hunt printable.


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