The classroom 4B learned all about Earth Day & Recycling this past week! They began on Monday with brainstorming things that they can do to keep our Earth safe, like:

    • Drawing on both sides of the paper before recycling it
    • Using reusable bags
    • Composting our food scraps
    • Keeping our playground clean
    • Reuse things that we were going to throw out

We did coffee filter spray art on Tuesday. Students used blue and green markers to draw the land and water onto a coffee filter. Then we used some of our fine motor skills to spray a spray bottle filled with water to blend the colors all together.

boy coloring on earth day
girl crafting on earth day at preschool

On Wednesday, we had more fine motor practice using scissors and using a pincher grip to rip apart paper. We cut out a blue circle and we ripped green pieces of paper to create the land on our Earth.

girl cutting out paper for earth day
boy creating earth day crafts at preschool

On Thursday we created seed bombs! We used blue, green, and white paper pulp and combined it with wildflower seeds. Then we dried out our pulp into the shape of a sphere so that it looks like the Earth, and we set it out overnight to dry. Then we took our dry seed bombs home on Friday, Earth day, so that we can plant it in our favorite flower pot or in a garden.

boy working on earth day crafts
preschoolers earth day crafts

On Earth day, we had so much fun creating messy art. We used shaving cream and watercolor paint to create a marble effect onto our circles. Then we used a squeegee to wipe away the excess shaving cream to reveal a beautiful blue and green marbled Earth!

girl creating art project at preschool for earth day
boy painting on earth day