Classroom 4B had so much fun learning about all things Spring, for this lesson, we began by reading The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.

tiny seed book

We learned about the life cycle of a seed, and for our lesson, we created a sprout house. Students began by coloring the outside of their sprout house.

children coloring at preschool

Next, they used a pincer grasp to pull apart a cotton ball, creating a little nest for our seeds to sprout. After we put our three wrapped up seeds into a baggie, we built up our hand strength by using a spray bottle to spray down our seeds.

boy learning about flowers at preschool
girl learning about flowers at preschool

We learned that our seeds need water and sun to grow, so we hung them up on our classroom door, so that we can expose the seeds to sunlight.

completed spring art at preschool

Look how much they sprouted after a short 6 day period, we were able to see the sprout, plus roots coming out of the bottom. Our 4B friends loved seeing their sprouts grow little by little each day!

seed bag at preschool

Here are the materials used if you would like to try this out at home:

-printer paper + markers (optional, if you would like to create a house outline to add to your plastic bag

-plastic bag

-3 cotton balls

-pinto beans

-spray bottle