Messy Process Art

In 5B, we love messy art and process art. Process art focuses on the making and the doing rather than the finished product. Each child will have a unique outcome and experience when creating process art. It encourages children to explore their ideas without preconceived expectations about what they will make or bring home. 

For this activity, we used a permanent marker, multimedia paper, shaving cream, liquid watercolor, and a squeegee. We started by writing out our first names on multimedia paper- you can tailor this activity to your child’s age. Some ideas for different ages

    • 18mo – scribbles, as they are still developing fine motor skills and a proper grasp on the marker. 
    • 2 Year old – drawing out simple shapes 
    • 3 Year olds – drawing a simple self portrait 
    • Pre-K – Name writing

We began by writing our names onto multi media paper.

child drawing at preschool

We used a pincer grip onto pipettes and added liquid water color onto shaving cream. 

messy art at preschool

We used the end of a paintbrush to swirl the colors together. 

two girl enjoying art at preschool

We pressed our multimedia paper onto the shaving cream face down. Then we used the squeegee to remove the shaving cream. What was left on the paper is their name and the marble pattern of the liquid watercolor! 

completed messy art project at preschool

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