Bird Nests

The children built their own bird nests using items from nature.


  • Clay
  • Sticks
  • Flowers
  • White beans (eggs)
  • 1 tiny bird

We learned about different birds and what their names are by reading “Feathers for lunch” by Lois Ehlert.

We talked about what a bird may use to build a nest and where some birds choose to build their homes.

After great conversation, the children walked through the garden to collect sticks.

To start their nests children first rolled clay into a ball then stamped in with a pine cone to create a nest shape.

Clay is a great medium for young children because they can easily construct their creations by sticking items into it and molding it to their satisfaction. Their bird homes evolved from that point on by adding sticks and flowers. Soon enough stories of bird encounters were shared across the table as they places their decoration bird and eggs into their nest.

This project triggered such a warm response from the children.

Learning more about animals can inspire us all to connect with our natural world. As you take a deep breathe and look around, there’s so much to appreciate.