Sensory Scavenger Hunt:

Find items that are outside such as a pink flower, tree branch, small rocks, and clovers (etc.) and lay them out on a tray. Have your children look and touch these items, and then send them on their way to find them around the yard or park. This is awesome for developing sensory skills and confidence of doing an activity on their own.

outdoor flowers

Branches Spelling Game:

Find small branches or twigs around the yard. Let your children spell out letters or words using the branches and work on their alphabet skills. You can also pick out different words (or letters) in nature (clouds, flower, etc.) for them to spell out.

branches spelling game

Flower Pressing:

Items Needed:

  • Printer Paper
  • Flowers
  • Several heavy books
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue

First, you will want to find flowers that are not too thick. Daisies work well since they are a flat-headed flower. Once you have gathered the flowers that you want to press, place them in a vase so they stay fresh.

Take two sheets of your white printer paper and place the flower between them. Place the papers and flower inside the pages of a heavy book. Do this with many flowers and place each one in various pages of the same book. After you are done, close the book and add additional objects on top of it that are heavy and will keep the book closed firmly.

Allow the flowers to stay in the book for about 2-3 weeks. Once you have waited, carefully remove the flowers. Have your child glue the pressed flowers onto construction paper and make their own design. You can even buy a frame and place the flowers in it if you want to hang them up! Enjoy and have fun.

flowers pressing

Build a Fort Outdoors:

What is better than building a fort outside in Nature so your little ones can learn from their surroundings and use their imagination? Using older sheets that you don’t really care about is always a good idea. That way your children can use their creativity and build the fort themselves, even if it does get a little dirty. This will help develop their gross motor skills, while also open the door to new learning experiences while they are playing in the fort out in nature.

girl running outdoors at preschool