If you view nature through the eyes of a child, you will most definitely be amazed. Children have the remarkable ability to see magic in all that surrounds them. Every rock, leaf, seed or living creature is so unique, it sparks inquiry and questions. Through nature children experience science, math, language,  and group learning by observing and experimenting using all of their senses.  When children connect with nature, they are also connecting with each other, their families, and the community as they learn that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Through experiences in nature, children develop an appreciation and connection of the natural world. Here at Carmel Mountain Preschool, we support and encourage children’s interest of the natural world by engaging them in real, hands-on investigations and learning activities both indoors and outdoors.

Some of our recent investigations about nature include learning about how living things grow and change. We engaged in group discussions about plants, butterflies, and life cycles.

What do plants need
what we know about butterflies
butterfly life cycle

We read books, observed and investigated different types of seeds in our food, and we planted our own seeds.

the tiny seed book
a seed is sleepy book
plant the tiny seed book
tops and bottoms book
a butterfly is patient book
oscar and the frog book
planting a rainbow book
butterfly book
toddler planting a seed
child looking at dirt
toddler holding leaves

We also cared for our plants indoors and went on nature walks to explore and find new plants to water and learn about.

looking at worms at our preschool
girl watering plant at our childcare center
boy looking at plants at our childcare center

In addition we learned how to be respectful to nature and only pick things we intend to use. We thanked all the plants and used them for our art projects and to eat.