The CMP Native California Garden

Our school’s native California garden is a special place that celebrates the beauty of our local ecosystem. It helps us connect with nature and learn about the importance of native plants.

Native California gardens are important because they showcase the unique plants that naturally grow in our region. By creating and maintaining a native garden, our school is preserving California’s botanical heritage and helping
students appreciate the natural world.

Benefits of a Native California Garden- Environmental Benefits: Native plants are well-suited to our local conditions, needing less water and chemicals to thrive. Our garden conserves water, supports a healthy ecosystem, and provides habitats for wildlife like birds and pollinators.

Educational Opportunities: Our garden is a living classroom where students can learn about plants, ecosystems, and biodiversity. They can observe, experiment, and gain hands-on experience in botany, ecology, and environmental stewardship.

Lessons and Activities in the Native Garden: Plant Identification: Students can learn to identify native plants and understand their characteristics and growing needs.

Gardening and Conservation: By caring for the garden, students learn about gardening techniques, soil health, and water conservation. This hands-on experience teaches them the importance of preserving native habitats.

Wildlife Observation: The garden attracts butterflies, birds, and beneficial insects. Students can observe and learn about these creatures, appreciating their behaviors and ecological roles..

Our school’s native California garden is a special place that offers many benefits and educational opportunities. It showcases the beauty of our local plants, encourages environmental stewardship, and helps students appreciate the natural world. By immersing
students in this living classroom, we foster a generation of individuals who care for and cherish California’s native landscapes.

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