The children are having too much fun with Hex bug robots. To begin the lesson, we took the little Hex bug apart. We examined the tiny battery and the motor. The older children at CMP will be making a real robot with a battery pack and a larger motor soon. The fun began with just feeling the Hex bug vibrate on our hands. We learned how the little black switch works and what happens if there is no battery to power the little motor. We needed to use a Phillips screwdriver to open up the battery pack.

Miss Sonya replacing the battery pack in a hexbug robot
Miss Sonya fixing the battery pack
Toddler building a house for their Hexbug robot

Building a house for the little hex bug robot.

Kids working together the play with their robots

Working together to create roadblocks.

Trapping the hexbug robots with blocks


Toddlers playing with the robots on a picnic table at our daycare

We built a perimeter around the picnic table and then a maze.

Toddler building a village for their Hexbug robot

Now a village!

Children playing together to build for the robots at our preschool
Hexbug robot book

Funny robot book!

Hexbug robots available on Amazon