Heart shaped candy for upcoming Valentines Day

Candy, candy, candy! Hearts abound this time of year, whether it’s chocolate, conversation, or marshmallow. Breaking, or not starting on, the sugar train can be a challenge. We’ve grown accustomed to heart-shaped lollipops, or candy kisses lovingly taped to mini envelopes, with a Valentine pencil thrown in for good measure. With food allergies on the rise and growing research supporting the negative effects of sugar on the growing brain, many parents and schools are encouraging non-edible Valentine treats.

Checking out the party favor aisle is often a simple and cost-effective way to round up 12-24 similar pint-sized items. Find an army of frogs? Or a knot of toads? Here’s wishing you a “ toad-ally hoppy’ Valentine’s Day. A clowder of cats? That’s just ‘purr-fect’! Planes, trains, and automobiles? Soaring into the sugar-free zone will be “wheelie” easy if you choochoo-choose it! It’s “a-mazing” ( mini maze), once you start, you can’t “bear” to stop!

This newly acquired skill will surely impress the love bugs in your life (insects), making it easy to “bounce” (super ball) away from the sugary treats. Seriously, you’ll be “blown” away (bubbles) with how fun puns can be! If you “stick” with it, (gluestick) you’ll be sure to create some “a’doh’able” (play-dough) one-liners! Here’s “looking” forward (sunglasses) to a bright and healthy Valentine’s Day.