Brass Pins on a table

A brad is a little brass nail that comes in many different sizes and is used as a ‘connector’. Young Children are fascinated by creating things that can move. Even three-year old are able to use a mallet to hammer the brad into a piece of card board. They are able to insert the brad into the carboard and to then connect the pieces together.

Materials for an art project

First, we hammered the brad into the recycled cardboard. I drew little black dots on the cardboard, so they knew where to position the brad.

art project in progress at our preschool
Toddler working on an art project at our daycare center

We are making robots that move. Decorating the robot body is super fun because they can choose all kinds of items to use as pretend ‘control’ buttons. We collected an assortment of recycled craft materials to use for switches. Tin foil made solar panels. Reflective tape, springs, flash lights, old batteries, jewels, copper scrubbing brushes are other examples of fun recycled materials to create a robot. Of course, your child will want to give their robot a name too.

Art project from a student at our daycare center

Four and five-year-old children can insert a piece of string and turn the robot into a puppet.

teacher working with a child at our childcare center on an art project

Add bottle caps for pretend control buttons and some tin foil for the robot’s solar panels.

Teacher works on an art project with a child

An old DVD and rubber wrapped wire were necessary to make this imaginary robot work!

Amazon Listing for brass pins

¾ or 1 inch is a great size for small fingers.