Play- Based Learning

Carmel Mountain Preschool has a very eclectic approach in our learning philosophy. A major component for CMP is play. While on the surface play based learning may not sound like a philosophy, it is structured and deliberate. Different types of play are dramatic (dress up, kitchen), messy (paint, mud), and imaginative just to name a few. During play children are learning cognitive skills (math and problem solving), their physical abilities improve (walking, fine and gross motor skills, balance), their vocabulary increases (putting words spoken to objects or motions), and they are improving social skills.

When playing with your child, it is important that the children are making their own choices, allowing them to use their own voice and grow their confidence. Make sure that you and your child are in the moment. It is a special time for you and your child to bond and for them to show you new skills they have learned. And finally, make sure the play is enjoyable. It is important not to force play on your child. There is an emotional connection that comes with play based learning. If the child is not happy to play they will not be able to learn.

child playing on structure at preschool

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