Giant Butterfly Art Project


At Carmel Mountain Preschool, we believe that art plays a crucial role in fostering creativity, imagination, and self-expression among young learners. Recently, our older students embarked on an art project that not only brought
out their inner artists but also allowed them to explore the beauty of nature. In the art studio our young artists created wearable butterfly wings using cardboard cutouts and embellished them with a burst of colors, glitter glue, and elements found in our

Materials and Techniques:

To bring their butterfly wings to life, the students used sturdy cardboard cutouts as the base. They added color with an array of vibrant tempera paints, the young artists began to paint their wings, blending colors and patterns with excitement!

Adding Sparkle and Garden Treasures:

What’s a butterfly without a touch of magic? Our young artists used glitter & glue, which added a dazzling shimmer to their creations. our students also love to incorporate natural elements discovered in our garden. The children collected small stones, leaves,
and even tiny twigs, carefully arranging them on their wings. These garden treasures added a touch of authenticity and connected the art project with the wonders of the natural world.

The giant wearable butterfly wings art project was not just about paint, glitter, and cardboard—it was a journey of imagination, self-expression, and connection to the natural world. Our older students got to spread their wings,
both creatively and metaphorically, during this project!

boys with giant butterfly art project front
boys with giant butterfly art project back
girl with butterfly art project at preschool
butterfly art project at preschool
group of girls with butterfly art project

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