Our sunny days lately have made for some beautiful mornings in the Glenn.

That‘s why we kicked off this school year with nature banners!

the glenn at carmel mountain preschool

As we explore nature in this lesson we also explore the self.

Starting off with a book called Let’s make Faces by Hancock Piven.

We talked about the features on our face and how we could collect items from the garden to create faces on canvass.

lets make faces by hanoch piven
when you go out to the garden
you will meet new friends at carmel mountain preschool

Using drawing and painting materials the children created a self portrait and later used the items they collected from nature to incorporate into their art.

The older children created faces with nature and the younger children jumped right into the paint for sensory exploration!

boy creating at carmel montain preschool

Benji Age: 3 Drawing his face using oil pastels

canvas faces at carmel mountain preschool
girls creating canvas art at daycare center
(Ongoing conversations about favorite colors)

Penny age: 4 Using leaves from vines and pine needles to create a face

art created with sticks at daycare

Nora age:4 Using leaves and sticks to make clothes for her happy drawing 🙂

The Toddlers

Touch is a significant sense we use every day. Toddlers need to explore their senses to further learn about the world around them.

toddler playing with paint at daycare center
toddler girl creating with paint at preschool
happy toddler playing with paint at preschool

So much paint and so many giggles!