Bear Caves

“We’re going on a bear hunt

We’re gonna catch a big one

What a beautiful day

We’re not scared”

Book: We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen

After reading a story the children got to play it out by running though an optical coarse with ribbon (grass), an empty pool (river) and hangin leaves ( forest) to eventually get to a bear cave.

Inside a friend is dressed up like a bear and chases them back through the coarse.

Incorporating dramatic play into any lesson is beneficial to young children in so many ways!

What is dramatic play?

Dramatic play can be defined as a type of play where children accept and assign roles, and then act them out. It is a time when they break through the walls of reality, pretend to be someone or something different from themselves, and dramatize situations and actions to go along with the roles they have chosen to play.

This is a great way to develop their concept of symbols.

Through role playing the children can use symbols to represent different ideas about themselves, objects and others. This can later help with not only in the development their art but letters and numbers too!

Back in the studio we sat down to draw.

Using black and brown markers, we drew different kinds of bears.

We named them and talked about their emotions.

Some were happy, goofy, sad or mad.

Some we babies, moms or dads.

After drawing we moved onto creating bear caves..

Using clay the children built their caves and decorated them with pieces of nature from our garden.

As they molded their clay, many stories about their bear caves were shared with friends.

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