Book: The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

This lesson I wanted to focus on fine motor skills and task resilience.
We not only had fun making spiders but also got our hands on a wide range of materials.

Before diving in, we explored the garden to gather inspiration from nature. Looking high and low in search of real spider webs!
We studied the different patterns and designs the spider created, talking about how hard the spider had to work in order to create something so beautiful.

Then returning to the studio to begin constructing our spiders.

Step 1. Practice opening and closing a clothes pin ( spider body)
Step 2. Add legs , pinch the clothes pin and place legs inside (8 legs)
Step 3. Thread beads onto all 8 legs
Step 4. Decorate the body w/ colored markers

Note: Pinching muscles are still developing in young children so its a great opportunity to practice while playing.

When a child is learning, It’s much more beneficial to them if parents and teachers give praise to the process of their work rather than the end result. Why? Because this teaches them the value of determination, while encouraging them to take on a challenge.

Extra activities: 

 Spider Web Activity: stick as many Pom Poms on the masking tape web as possible. 

Try to make patters as you go. ( a great hit with the toddlers)

Glow room- We then headed inside the studio for fun Halloween glow drawing using highlighters and black lights!

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